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It's been quite a few months since I started this particular project and, given all the hassles (including a computer crash) that I've been through there were times when I was really on the point of throwing in the towel.


But I ploughed on, gaining valuable advice from some of my fellow contributors on this site and learning something new almost every day by convincing myself that a piece of software was not going to get the better of me - especially at the ripe old age of 69 - and I've now managed to reach a milestone as you will see from the attachment.


To some who learned to master CAD years ago it might not be perfect but to little old me who only started using the software about a year ago it is a vision to behold.  There is still some work to do on the office layout because I only received departmental and staff numbers this morning but I feel it in my waters that I will be able to present the project to the relevant people in a week to ten days.


Thank you so much to all who have shared their knowledge with me.  It made such a difference to the learning curve that I was experiencing.  


Now, if you'll all excuse me, I must be off to see if I can master elevations.  :unsure: 



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yep looking good Keith :)

This post has some good info on doing sections and elevations , exporting to DXF , and re-importing allows you to "clean up" all the extraneous lines that seem pretty common.
it is also then easy to add insulation boxes etc from the CAD Menu.



KB Article here too which covers a lot ...



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