how do you rotate wing of floor plan at specific angles


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I'm using HD Suite 2015 and I have a floor plan that has a wing that is at an odd angle from the remainder of the building. How can I rotate this part of the floor plan by specific angles (would like to pick a pivot point and rotate 1 degree at a time)




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It's usually best to ask how to achieve something, rather than asking how to do a specific thing.


You can draw a CAD line, position it and assign it a specific angle. You can draw a wall beside the CAD line, matching its angle.


You did not say that you know the angle, or anything else that would help us help you, but you might consider using CAD lines to help in your wall layout.





It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click My Settings, then Signature on the left. 



Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start -- search for Dimensions)



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Home Designer Pro 2016 should allow this action. In detail what I am referring to is in Pro you can use the "Edit Area" tool to select the entire model all floors and then move the entire model in 1 degree increments (the entire model not just a wing of it) using Pro's "Transform-Replicate tool" that has an input called "rotate" and other behaviors. If you are trying to rotate the home to align with a "North Pointer" it is easier to set the "North Pointer" to the existing house model rather than rotating the house model to align with an arbitrary "North". The same is true for setting a terrain plane that emulates one's property lines (you rotate the property lines [terrain plane] and not the house model and its walls).


If you would share your purpose with us, then better advice could then follow as well.


You could shift-select just the wing walls and use the "Transform-Replicate" tool to "Rotate" just those selected walls in Home Designer Pro but after rotating those walls, they would then manually have to be realigned and connected to the rest of the house's walls. Rotating the entire model is NOT RECOMMENDED because that action causes a lot of other annoying problems of "off angles" making dimensioning harder to accomplish and other non-optimum situations. You are better off leaving the majority of walls in the classic "north-south" of the plan view screen.




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David said it best, He even gave the HOW and WHY for the issue at hand, If you are a HD Pro user.


In Suite you cannot do it that way, You will have to manually rotate each wall even if you use CAD lines.


As an alternative, you can simply delete the problem area and redraw to how you want it.

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Draw 2 CAD boxes, one on top of the other the width of the extension. One is the length of one of  the outside walls, the other box is the length of the other outside wall.


Select them both.


Position these into place so the walls intersect in the correct spot.


Draw a CAD Line along the edge of one of the sides, then move it out so it's visible. Check the angle on the CAD Line.


Draw walls.



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