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Using Home Designer Suite 2016

Have a garage with living space upstairs.  Upstairs deck extends over the garage door below.  I have two options, in order of preference:

1) Cantilever the deck so no support posts are required.  The software is auto-generating posts.  Based on tutorials, "pro" can eliminate these in "defaults/rooms/deck".  This does not appear to be available in Suite.  Anyone know?

2) Since the deck is supported on two sides with walls, I should be able to have the joists run parallel to the garage, thus removing the need for posts.  Cannot see how to set joist direction.

3) Remove the post by beefing up the beam to have a greater span.  Cannot find how to define structural spans.



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How much cantilever will be determined by the strength of the intended support members (best left to a Licensed Structural Engineer to calculate accurately). Otherwise, Eric has indicated a proper solution (naming the deck as a balcony), naming a space "deck" has automatic and in this case unwanted results. Name the space "Balcony" and have an Engineer review your plans so the proper structural strength can then be applied.



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