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I really like the Cheif Architect Home Designer Pro product, but I spend many hours dealing with quirky behaviour, trying to make it do something for it to not do as you expect or it to revert your changes instantly, or auto adding bits of wall you don't expect. I guess this is understanding the depths of the rules behind the tool.


I am having trouble with foundations where 3 walls intersect with different wall types and different foundation stems and foundation depths. I cannot get a tidy result. I try tidying it up in cross section elevation for the changes to be instantly reverted, even though auto build foundations is turned off, it still does some auto stuff that is unwelcome. e.g even wrapping foundation upwards and leaving holes?​ 


Attached pictures show

a) three walls of different types in plan.

B) three walls of different types in layer zero dolls view, looking down, looks as expected.

c) the mess that is generated by HD Pro looking at the foundations in dolls view looking upward

d) Similar mess in cross section, that no matter how much I try to tidy it up, keeps reverting back or not doing what I ask!



How do I get more predictable results and how do I stop Home Designer changing things back or just seemingly doing it's own thing?


Thanks for your thoughts!






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Hi Eric - Plan as requested, it's a work in progress. There are 2 areas of the foundations I couldn't get right, the one pictured in the JPEGs and at the other end of the same internal load bearing wall, again where 3 wall types with different foundations join. New to this hence sure you'll raise your eyebrows at a few of the methods I've used!





Tan Lifau 30CA.plan

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The software often has trouble with this type of wall intersection. Chief Premier has a special tool that allows some manual editing of wall intersections, but none of the Home Designer products do.


If this is just a visual thing, consider manually filling in gaps as required. Using the slab or soffit tools, you can place blocks as needed to cover or fill things you do not want to see. 


You could set the foundation wall as invisible and create your own with solids.


And you might try manually drawing the foundation on several levels. Footings on lowest level, then walls and footings on the next etc.

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Newer users of this software often have unrealistic expectations. The software does what it does and it is up to the end user to figure out how to create a useful result. This takes time and patience in many cases. I think Eric has offered you some reasonable solutions. Keep in mind that the software needs to communicate graphically what you intend building professionals to make an actuality (No one will ever "Live" in a virtual, digital structure, it is merely a guide to others who will create it in the real world). As long as your creation does that, it is then successful. The software does not do "perfect", only skilled, experienced end users ever do that when it occurs.



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