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I have a skylight in each of the 2 bathrooms on my 2nd floor. When I place a skylight in the room, at the location on the ceiling where the shaft begins, but the shaft doesn't go straight up at a 90* angle from the ceiling. Rather, the shaft goes up at an angle to end meeting the roof at a 90* angle.  I cannot seem to find a way to tilt the shaft to meet the pitch of the roof perpendicular. I'll measure and calculate the roof pitch this  weekend.


Thanks, in advance for your time, suggestions, and assistance.



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I just checked in Suite, Architectural and Pro and they all have precisely the same dialog box and settings as to" Angle for Inside Hole Rim". That is the only setting I see that would vary the skylight shaft angle. You would have to upgrade to Chief Architect Premier to gain full control over the shape and angle of the skylight shaft.



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