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  1. That video was very helpful. Thank you, sir!
  2. @ David, Do you have a specific page in chapter 19? I've read every word, looked up every occurrence of "rotate" and "plan view" and have found nothing to the effect of what you described. At any rate, I am beyond using that plan file. I've gotten much farther on the house in the new file I started a week or so ago, and can't go back now. My last remaining task will be to create the terrain after the house is finished and correct. Will I have a problem creating the terrain after the building is complete? Regards, Joe
  3. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. R/Joe
  4. I actually meant the separation is between the kitchen and the nook area. The bay window boundary is included when the Nook space is selected/highlighted.
  5. Thanks, Eric. I will check this afternoon, and let you know. I know there is an arch panel, but I want to say it is a bit more limited that the version you use, but I'll double check.
  6. I am beginning to regret not spending a bit more for either the Architect or Pro versions of HDv7, as I'm getting confounded at almost every customization I'm trying to include in my HDSv7 recreation of my home. Here's another I suspect is a limitation of my Suite version. Here goes... In my breakfast nook area, beside the kitchen (separation bounded by an invisible wall (room divider), there is a custom-built bay window with a projection of 2' to smoothly meet the exterior wall of the 2nd floor, and has an exterior horizontal length of 7' 5" from the foundation supported exterior wall. The in
  7. Thank you, sir. That makes sense. I will try that this afternoon.
  8. I have a diamond shaped window 23"x23" in a 26"x26" non-interior cased opening in one exterior wall of my MBRM on the 2nd floor. I can specify a non-opening/fixed double pane window with no lite dividers, but I can only make the window square and cannot find a way to rotate it 45* on the vertical plane. Any suggestions for this? Thanks, in advance for your time, suggestions, and assistance. R/Joe
  9. I have a skylight in each of the 2 bathrooms on my 2nd floor. When I place a skylight in the room, at the location on the ceiling where the shaft begins, but the shaft doesn't go straight up at a 90* angle from the ceiling. Rather, the shaft goes up at an angle to end meeting the roof at a 90* angle. I cannot seem to find a way to tilt the shaft to meet the pitch of the roof perpendicular. I'll measure and calculate the roof pitch this weekend. Thanks, in advance for your time, suggestions, and assistance. R/Joe
  10. So, I manually laid out the terrain perimeter, defined the bearing directions for each corner (off my plot survey drawing), but did not yet define elevations not sure how to define, but not my biggest worry now). As I started to layout the walls for the exterior of the house, I found the default orientation of the plan view was not synched with my terrain. Is there a way in HDSv7 to specify (other than the old trial & error method) the position of the building on the terrain, and rotate the plan view without changing the building's location on the property? Specifically, the front wa
  11. Thank you, Eric & Dave. I appreciate your time, and yes I have specified the space as a garage. I guess, since I couldn't find official documentation to explain the plan's behavior when a spaced is specified as a garage, I was seeking an answer that I didn't really know was defaulted into the software. If that's how the 2 foundations are differentiated, then I'm good (issue solved). I guess I'll post a couple of my other questions, to which I need assistance. R/Joe
  12. Hello, As a noob to this software suite, I have several questions, but will follow the rules and only ask one per thread. I have dug through the KB and PDF manual as best I could for answers, but to little or no avail. I am trying to recreate my home I just purchased a few months ago, and am having a few issues in HDSv7. The first being how can I make two different types of foundations for my home and garage? My home has a 48" crawlspace, and my garage has a slab foundation, and both are at slightly different elevations. My v7 does not seem to have the same dialog boxes (rather, the co