Two Different Foundations on My Home


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As a noob to this software suite, I have several questions, but will follow the rules and only ask one per thread. I have dug through the KB and PDF manual as best I could for answers, but to little or no avail.


I am trying to recreate my home I just purchased a few months ago, and am having a few issues in HDSv7. The first being how can I make two different types of foundations for my home and garage? My home has a 48" crawlspace, and my garage has a slab foundation, and both are at slightly different elevations. My v7 does not seem to have the same dialog boxes (rather, the content of the dialog boxes differs) as the KB has when I look at the question "Modifying Garage Floor and Stem Wall Heights." On the structure panel of the room specification dialog, my version has no options for foundation specs under the floor section.


When I build a foundation, I have tried to select only the garage or the main house (which are connected), but HDS creates a foundation for all structures on floor 1. I can post my project, if necessary. I have 2 different projects I have painstakingly created 2 different ways. One was from the Space Planner tool (ended up w/inconsistent dims), the other from scratch (manually drawing out all exterior walls and then building interior wall partitions from many measurements).  Somehow, I have a sneaky suspicion that the issue I have is simply a limitation of the version I bought (suite vs arch/pro), but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks in advance for reading and assistance rendered.




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Thank you, Eric & Dave.


I appreciate your time, and yes I have specified the space as a garage. I guess, since I couldn't find official documentation to explain the plan's behavior when a spaced is specified as a garage, I was seeking an answer that I didn't really know was defaulted into the software. If that's how the 2 foundations are differentiated, then I'm good (issue solved). I guess I'll post a couple of my other questions, to which I need assistance.



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