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The roof on my house is not the typical style (which is the main reason I'm doing a remodel). It has a very long slope in the front of the house, leading up to the second floor, then a short slope on the back. So the house is 34' from front to back. When standing in front of the house, you would see about 22' feet of long/narrow roof. In the back you would see a shorter 12' roof.


My goal is to add a dormer to the front to break up the long, boring roofline. But when I try to design the house plans w/ a new porch and dormer, the default roof plan peaks in the center w/ approx. 17' of roof on either side. I've tried deleting the roof and building a new one (using Home Designer Suite 2016) but can't figure out how to build an off-center roof like the one currently on my house.


Any help would be appreciated. I have added a screen shot of the design as it currently looks. (Notice the roof peak is dead-center unlike the way I'd like it to be.)




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you need to know the pitch of the front and back roofs, then change the roof pitch in the Front (bottom) and Rear (Top) Wall's DBX on the Roof Tab. If you don't know the pitch use your Cellphone with a Level App to get it..... 


this KBA should  help



Ps DBX is forum shorthand for dialog box

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