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    off-center roof

    The roof on my house is not the typical style (which is the main reason I'm doing a remodel). It has a very long slope in the front of the house, leading up to the second floor, then a short slope on the back. So the house is 34' from front to back. When standing in front of the house, you would see about 22' feet of long/narrow roof. In the back you would see a shorter 12' roof. My goal is to add a dormer to the front to break up the long, boring roofline. But when I try to design the house plans w/ a new porch and dormer, the default roof plan peaks in the center w/ approx. 17' of roof on either side. I've tried deleting the roof and building a new one (using Home Designer Suite 2016) but can't figure out how to build an off-center roof like the one currently on my house. Any help would be appreciated. I have added a screen shot of the design as it currently looks. (Notice the roof peak is dead-center unlike the way I'd like it to be.) Thanks.
  2. Thanks Elovia. That's what I needed.
  3. I'm trying to build house plans for the first time using Home Designer Suite 2016. I started by using the terrain builder (no problem) for the lot, then I added the main house structure (no problem), then I tried adding a second floor. Laying out the second floor was no problem. But now it shows in the plans as if it's a completely separate entity from the first floor. (I've tried attaching a screenshot of how it looks on my computer screen to give you an idea, but I'm not sure if the screen shot will work.) Anyway, how do I get the second floor on top of the first floor so I can view it and work with it as one complete unit/house? Thanks.
  4. I am using Home Designer Suite 2016 and started my first project by using the "Build Terrain" feature. Since my lot is irregularly shaped, I utilized the "Form joint/corner in a selected line." function in the menu. Unfortunately I did this a couple more times than needed and, when I view the perimeter of my terrain/lot, I see way too many breaking points. So I'm trying to figure out how to delete some of these joints/corners/breaking points in the line.
  5. If I have used the "Form joint/corner in a selected line." function and want to undo it, how do I delete the joint/corner in a line?