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Hi all in photo one:-

Is the way a quick floor and site plan looks in HD Pro.

In photo 2 and 3:-

This is the way our local Real Estate agents like to present a plan layout of existing properties for sale. 


My question are:-

1. I cannot workout how to colour the wall outlines in solid black.

2. How to colour the rooms.

3. I need to remove the grid lines for the screen shot once I have drawn the plan


If I have not explained this is a manner you understand please let me


Many Thanks in advance 






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Don't have Pro to look at but think this should help.....


1. Walls ...use display options and turn on "main layer only"


2. Select the Room and use the Fill option ,set to solid choose colour and transparency wanted


3 the grid is just the reference display by the looks just toggle it on and off with the icon which is usually on the right hand sidebar.


For quick realty stuff you might want to look at the Space Planning Option too, once rooms are placed ,your then convert it to walls as normal.



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