Upper corner cabinet with diagonal face


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I have Home Designed Pro 10.

I can't find any upper kitchen cabinets that have a diagonal door.

I've tried to convert existing styles, but the software refuses to cooperate.

The only style of upper corner cabinet avaialble has a square notch on its face, rather than a diagonal face.

Is there any hope for me?



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Aahhh! Thank you very much.

I've looked for that off and on for years.

But after checking the diagonal door option, I got a front door that's a convex hemisphere.

I recall mention of a parameter that's set +/- for concave/convex, but now I can't find that in the cabinet dialog.

Can you provide one more helpful suggestion?



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for other readers....


it's doesn't show up unless you turn on Corner cabinets but the second box on the Right side controls the in and out , it usually defaults to 0" = straight.


from the manual


For corner cabinets, the Width and Depth fields become Right Side Width and Left Side Width. If a corner cabinet is assigned a diagonal door on the Front tab, the second Right Side Width field specifies the bow depth: a positive num­ber creates a bow and a negative number, an inside bow.




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