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I've just downloaded the trial of the newer version of HDA and I think I have some comments to make. 

1. I think that the "next", "open", "copy/paste" and so on buttons should have been moved to the bottom of the screen. I can't say I won't adjust, but for now they're more difficult to find.

2. The orbit, tilt and move camera buttons shouldn't have been aborted from the menu. Especially the tilt one, it made the walkthrough so much easier.

3. And those tabs just above the main window? Either I'm clueless or they're really useless.

As for the rest, I must say I'm more than satisfied. 

There is one thing I really wished that existed in the newer version: the possibility to build a stair like the one in the picture I attach. Unfortunately there isn't. Maybe better luck next time, in 2016 version.  ;)

Have you got any suggestions/ideas/comments?



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Looking at the trial version of Architectural 2015, the buttons you are referring to are on the Edit toolbar, so they only show up when you have an object selected, but they are on the bottom of the screen, so I'm not sure I follow your first point.

The mouse orbit tool is still on the toolbar, it's just that the toolbar itself no longer changes when you switch between views so you'll probably just have to get used to its new location.

Tabs make it easy to switch between views without having to go under the Window menu when you want to return to Floor Plan, another open file, a Camera view, etc.


The ability to create stair winders as shown in your image looks like it's still a Pro only feature not offered in the less advanced Architectural version.

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Your opinions are yours to have and to state. Similar complaints appear whenever a new version is released, whether Chief Premier or Home Designer (I have been a user since 1994). The one constant in Life is change. New versions contain fixes and additions that lots of end users asked for based upon the function or lack there of in older versions.
You should follow your own opinions and do or not do what you consider is best for you, always. Thank you for sharing your observations with us.
PS: depending upon which version you have, you should already be able to create such stairs or at least a close facemile  of them (see attached image done in Architectural 2015, you should be able to do this in versions back to version, the stair tools have not changed significantly since V6)post-21-0-72981800-1402947645_thumb.jpg

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Can you not in Arch. customise the Toolbars and their locations ?  and even the Buttons on each toolbar etc , it's handy if you like things a certain way , I can in Pro10 but are not sure about other versions. If the Edit toolbar isn't on the bottom , just drag it down there....  you may need to unlock toolbars in the Tools>Toolbars>customise>Toolbar tab 1st.  this is the same place you configure the Toolbars to your liking...  in Pro at least.



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