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  1. (Maybe this has already been answered, so someone may direct me to the answer) In the past few weeks I've realised that I cannot import 3d models from warehouse. It's normally downloaded in .skp but HDA doesn't "recognise" it. In the pic I attach is the message I receive when I try to import it. Any ideas?
  2. I'm not a professional but american-only objects/windows/doors etc are sometimes also a problem for me. I think an inclusion of european and international objects (e.g. door handles, major appliances, switches, outlets, doors, windows etc) would be REALLY appreciated in a next new catalogue.
  3. @ExpatWorkshop If the Miele line you have, is .skp extension, can you PLEASE somehow let me have it? PLEASE? I've only got some european models I'm not pleased with and you would me a huge favour.
  4. A few weeks ago I updated my windows from 7 to 10, and HDA 2014 works PERFECTLY. I even run programmes I bought before the turn of the century and they work smoothly. I'm not kidding. I'm planning to update to HDPro 2016 but so far with HDA 2014 I haven't faced any trouble.
  5. Maybe it's just a TrialVersion problem. It only happens with the curved handle and if I move it left or right so does the lock, but they remain not aligned. They don't move separately so that I can move this a little left and that a little right. Anyway, I'll let the Support Centre know and I'll come back with more news.
  6. I downloaded HDPro 2016 Trial Verison some time ago to see if it's worth and found out something really disturbing going on with the doors. As seen in the pics I attach, the door handles and the locks are NOT aligned! The doors on the left of the (Crazy Doors) pic have the default (lever) handle and they are aligned with the locks. BUT the ones on the right with the curved handles are the crazy ones. This only happens with handles, not with knobs (Not crazy doors). In a nutshell, the curved handles do not align with the locks. Has anybody got any idea about if this gets fixed and how? (The pics are copied to the painting Win7 programme, since I can't export pics with Trial version. I normally use HDA2014 but am trying to learn to use Pro2016)
  7. Hm, I see. The fact is that I can't say I remember what happened when I upgraded from 2012 to 2014, but the truth is I didn't lose anyhting. One more question, since I'm quite stupid, what kind of files? Apart from the plans (which I plan sometime to erase), do you mean those containig textures and images?
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    Maybe this question has already been answered, but I'll give it a shot: I plan to upgrade from HDA 2014 to Pro 2016. I wonder if imported 3D models and textures will be "transferred" to the upgraded programme, or they' ll have to be manually moved. Will the manufacturer catalogues be upgraded as well? Also, in my computer there are some files from previously downloading older versions of HDA. After installing Pro 2016 is it OK to delete them? Or will this be a trouble for 2016?
  9. A similar question: I plan to upgrade from HDA 2014 to Pro 2016. I wonder if imported 3D models and textures will be "transferred" to the upgraded programme, or they' ll have to be manually moved. Also, in my computer there are some files from previously downloading older versions of HDA. After installing Pro 2016 is it OK to delete them? Or will this be a trouble for 2016?
  10. I've already written twice, in both posts, plus my signature that I use HOME DESIGNER ARCHITECTURAL 2014 and NOT 2015.
  11. @ Rookie65 Unfortunately any door wider than 1.20m becomes double. @ DavidJPotter I'm afraid there's no "Options" tab in HDA2014, unlike 2015, where there is. Anyway thank you both for answering. I HAVE tried with windows but they do not open. Until I upgrade to 2015, I'll have to live with either "permanently opened pocket doors" (=openings) or I'll have a look if I can draw windows and doors at the same position.
  12. I'm not sure if this has been answered somewhere in here, but is there a way to draw a wide door without it becoming a double one? As far as I know any door wider than somewhere around 1.20 m becomes double. I want a pocket door, say 1.80 m which is a solid one door hiding in the wall. Something like this instead of this Any ideas? I use Home Designer Architectural 2014.
  13. You can either use a cube from shapes or paint the molding invisible (CoreCatalog -> Materials -> Misc -> Opening (No Material))
  14. In HDA2014 in setting the default materials of the floor, is it possible to mix a material with a colour? For example, in floor covering mix a specific parquet material with, say, a specific brown colour? I know I can create a customised material, add it to the library and apply it to the room in the default settings. I also know I can do it in the 3D mode, but I wonder if there is a way to do it for all the rooms at the same time.
  15. Hm, that reminds me of the way of building a finished attic. Thanks dear! It's much easier than I expected. Thanks again.
  16. I’m sure this is hidden somewhere in help or has been answered again, but I can’t find it. I need to make a space and half of it having sloped ceiling. I know I can easily add a wedge and get over with it, but there’s also a balcony and the roof effect needs to be realistic. The main floor height is 2,70m and the slope starts just off the top of the window which measures 2,10m. Like in the sketch I made, which is NOT in scale. How do I succeed this roof? Something with a shed roof, but how do I lower it so that that the slant gets lower than the main ceiling?
  17. Did I feel some hostility? No way did I mean to sound bitchy, just some comments. I only said that the new button positions will make me to adjust to a new situation. And that I wished something that didn't happen, that's all.
  18. I've just downloaded the trial of the newer version of HDA and I think I have some comments to make. 1. I think that the "next", "open", "copy/paste" and so on buttons should have been moved to the bottom of the screen. I can't say I won't adjust, but for now they're more difficult to find. 2. The orbit, tilt and move camera buttons shouldn't have been aborted from the menu. Especially the tilt one, it made the walkthrough so much easier. 3. And those tabs just above the main window? Either I'm clueless or they're really useless. As for the rest, I must say I'm more than satisfied. There is one thing I really wished that existed in the newer version: the possibility to build a stair like the one in the picture I attach. Unfortunately there isn't. Maybe better luck next time, in 2016 version. Have you got any suggestions/ideas/comments?
  19. Well thank you all for your answers. I think David covered me the most, although I doubt if this will stop spammers. Stupidity is bigger than the universe. Anyway, I'll live. Thanks again.
  20. I'm not sure if this is the correct thread about such a question, but is it possible to stay logged in this forum? I have to sign in every time. Am I missing a "stay logged-in"-type-button?