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  1. ExpatWorkshop

    Creating new Library Items

    Dear forum, Is it possible to create my own 3D items and put them in a User / Custom Library if I cannot find specific items in the provided libraries that I am looking for (for example, I have a full line of Miele kitchen appliances I would like to model and then place in a kitchen design)?
  2. ExpatWorkshop

    Advice on Wall Definition Needed

    OK, so I think I have figured this out myself It's all in the Framing... Under Build --> Framing --> Build Framing... you can change the options for Posts (in my case these would be steel I-Beam columns) through the Edit Post Defaults... button. In there, under General, you can specify the post Type and there is a Steel I-Beam option...
  3. ExpatWorkshop

    Advice on Wall Definition Needed

    Hi Eric, Yes, the rest is also straight forward for me, it's the steel frame that I can't see how to model...
  4. ExpatWorkshop

    Advice on Wall Definition Needed

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to HD Pro 2016 and need advice on wall construction. I am modelling my home as-is in Home designer and need some advice on replicating the current all construction within HD Pro 2016. My home is basically a steel frame construction (220mm x 220mm steel I-Beams) with vertical and truss steel. In-between the vertical steel columns there is concrete blockwork and the whole outer skin is brickwork. How would I go about modelling that in HD Pro 2016? All help and advice welcome!
  5. ExpatWorkshop

    Pre-sales help : which product is right for me?

    Hi Eric and many thanks for your response. Wow! There is a hug and significant difference in functionality between Chief Architect and Home Designer Pro! As a DIYer and home hobbyist, one of the key areas when trying to visualize what something will look like is to get as real an image as possible. In Chief Architect this is done through RayTracing capabilities. And yet, this entire ability is withheld from Home Designer! I would have thought that an outlay of $495 would have at least given the home designer / DIYer the ability to be able to show what most of us at that level are looking for - photo realistic rendering... It is clear however, that the line of products offered by Chief Architect really are second to none. However, I just feel the Home Designer products are too far removed from the Chief Architect products and that in order to get some of the, what I would personally call basics, I have to pay out over 4 times the amount...
  6. ExpatWorkshop

    Pre-sales help : which product is right for me?

    OK, many thanks for your reply. So, what essentially are the differences between Chief Architect and Home Designer Pro in terms of functionality?
  7. Dear Sirs, I'm looking to purchase within the next few weeks but need a helping hand choosing the right product. For some time now, I have been using Punch Home & design software, but I recently upgraded wo Windows 10 and have had problems, which Punch don't really seem to care about... So I want to switch to Home Designer but I have a few specific requirements and need some guidance. I live in the Netherlands and, whilst there are a few, not many houses in the Netherlands (including mine) are build from wooden frames and have wooden cladding on the outside walls, etc. (i.e. we don't build houses like you do in the USA ). My main goal is twofold: 1 - I want to model my house as it is in 3D and be able to pull off brand new 2D drawings from that 3D model to be used as the official drawings for my house as it is today. The drawings / plans I have from the previous owner are, well, let's just say, the house doesn't look like it does in the drawings in some areas.... 2 - I am a very keen woodworker and like to design my own furniture, cupboards, units, etc. For this, I am trying to learn SketchList, but this is a difficult product to learn (at least it doesn't lend itself to easy learning in my opinion). I used to use Punch's 3D modelling component that was built into Home & Landscape Design and that was great because you could accurately build 3D Models of most things and then save them to libraries to be used in your 3D Model of your home. Great for re-modelling ideas to show (and convince!) the wife! However, it was not a tool for then producing workshop drawings to build the cabinet from, or whatever the model object was. So I would like to try and be able to do that in Home Designer, somehow. Can you help me choose he right product from your range here? I have downloaded and installed the Home Designer trial and I am playing around with that. Regards Lee