House with crawlspace, garage on slab, can't figure it out...


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I am going crazy and can't figure this out.


My house has a "barely-attached" garage; it shares a portion of one wall with the house, but all doors are exterior.


The house in on a crawlspace, which is at ground level, so all the rooms in the house are 24" above ground level.


The garage is on a slab at ground level.


The garage walls are 24" taller than the house's walls, so the ceilings are at the same absolute height above ground level.


I've tried creating a foundation of 24" for the house, then making a garage room on a slab, and adding height to the walls.  This doesn't seem to work; I end up with the garage floor being above ground level.  Or the walls are only 24" high and I can't make them higher.


Can someone suggest a specific sequence of steps to make this work?


I want to create a single-story home with a 24" crawlspace and garage on a slab and a deck that is level with the house, but abuts both the house and the garage.


Instructions like this would be enough to get me to understand what I'm doing wrong:

1. Create a new document

2. Draw a house in a clockwise direction with exterior walls (ignore the interior)

3. Draw a garage in a clockwise direction with exterior walls

4. Set the garage's "room type" to be "garage"



Sorry to be so "needy."  I'm usually a pretty smart person, but this just has me stumped.  I'm very sure of what result I need, but just can't figure out the way to do that with these tools.






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Generally speaking, you set all your relevant defaults, then draw your walls, then adjust the floor height of the garage to its lowest level (garages usually have a slanted floor for drainage so you set the garage at its lowest point (just under the garage door) since Home Designer does not natively do slanted floors).



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What is a 'barely-attached' garage?  Maybe you should post a pic of your floor plan.


Also, your numbers don't seen to be realistic.  Remeasure.


Also, when building the foundation remember to account for the default height of the footers,and add some extra height to allow them to be below ground level.


The steps you listed are correct, but it doesn't sound like you followed them.

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one JoAnn mentioned......Trying making your foundation 36" ( or taller) as the garage slab will sit on top of the footing (at a minimum) so I think you are forcing the slab up since you say your garage is 24" lower than the  house.


The link to the old forum is about the same issue with an attached garage...


@JoAnn , it think he means that only a portion ,say 4' of the garage is attached to the house on one wall , ie the garage is either stepped back or forward of the Main house in plan view.




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