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  1. I am going crazy and can't figure this out. My house has a "barely-attached" garage; it shares a portion of one wall with the house, but all doors are exterior. The house in on a crawlspace, which is at ground level, so all the rooms in the house are 24" above ground level. The garage is on a slab at ground level. The garage walls are 24" taller than the house's walls, so the ceilings are at the same absolute height above ground level. I've tried creating a foundation of 24" for the house, then making a garage room on a slab, and adding height to the walls. This doesn't seem to work; I end up with the garage floor being above ground level. Or the walls are only 24" high and I can't make them higher. Can someone suggest a specific sequence of steps to make this work? I want to create a single-story home with a 24" crawlspace and garage on a slab and a deck that is level with the house, but abuts both the house and the garage. Instructions like this would be enough to get me to understand what I'm doing wrong: 1. Create a new document 2. Draw a house in a clockwise direction with exterior walls (ignore the interior) 3. Draw a garage in a clockwise direction with exterior walls 4. Set the garage's "room type" to be "garage" ...etc... Sorry to be so "needy." I'm usually a pretty smart person, but this just has me stumped. I'm very sure of what result I need, but just can't figure out the way to do that with these tools. Thanks! Paul