How to edit materials for multiple kitchen cabinets etc.

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Please refer to the attached screen shot of a 3D view of a kitchen I am drawing. I have several questions.


1. I want all the kitchen cabinets to have a cherry wood stain finish. I don't see any wood finishes in the materials options for cabinets in the HDP 2016 Library. Am I missing something? Can I import a picture of the cherry cabinet finish we have now?


2. I want to be able to select all the cabinets to make this change. In the online help I learned to use marquee to select multiple objects and even unselect ones I don't want in the selection but then I can't figure out how to open them for editing. If I right-click on one of them that selects just that one. How do I open all the selected objects to edit their properties?


3. Same thing for the countertops. If I get an answer to #2 that's fine but it would be great if after you made an edit to one cabinet (say change the countertop material from black granite to the beige granite) you could right click on the next one and choose something like "do the same edit to this one". In Microsoft Word you can select text or other element and press F4. Word will then make the same edit to the currently selected element that you made on the last edit.


4. Same question to change the default 30" upper cabinet height to 36". I guess if I can get the answer to #2 I could change the height, countertop material and cabinet finish at the same time.


5. I was able to import a 3D view of a Wolf GR366 gas range but it is not in color. I suppose that may just be the way Wolf made the file that I downloaded. If so is there another way to get a 2D or 3D view of something like a range into HDP 2016?


6. When I placed the corner upper cabinet it brought a backsplash with it but the other upper cabinets did not. Is this a bug in the program? I would think you would specify backsplash separately.






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hi .


1. Cherry material is under Materials >Wood>Cherry   in the Core Library , then use the Plan Defaults>Materials>Cabinets and >Doors/Panel items to change them all ( do countertops here too) which is quicker than using the plan defaults>Cabinets>Base >Wall  etc etc settings.


2. once group selected use the open icon on the edit toolbar or RC only on the centre Handle of your group selection should work too to get the RC Menu.


3. see above


4.Change the Wall Cabinet Specs in Plan Defaults>Cabinets>Wall


5 some Wolf appliances are here to download otherwise get a 3D Model from 3D warehouse, you cant use a Pic as a 3D model


6. you do spec. back splash separately on the cabinet's general tab, I would guess whichever template you used , has them off for wall cabinets but on for corner cabinets. ( you can also change that in the Plan defaults (wrench icon) >Cabinets section)


A Tip:  post the plan if you want others to look at stuff further , there are way too many settings to guess at and you'll get better and more definitive answers.

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