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    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    Thankyou David but I made them with the soffit tool as that's how the manual quotes. Is there another way? Also I was concerned about how out of line they were even though the measurements r correct. Eric I will do thay tonight.
  2. RobynKS

    which Windows program to switch to?

    That is handy to know Eric I will look at start eight as 8.1 does not let me find things as easily as my love windows 7.
  3. RobynKS

    Group Selecting to make a group

    But they tell you in the Reference manual and the videos that you can..
  4. RobynKS

    which Windows program to switch to?

    I have all of these windows programs. 8.1 is best. 8 has a few bugs. but windows 7 will be easier for you to adjust to and by far is my favourite. on the computer that runs windows 7 I have office 2007 and love it.
  5. RobynKS

    Will Home Designer Pro work for my needs?

    I gather you live is USA. PRO IS PROBABLY BETTER THAN THE OTHER VERSIONS. Since you mainly use slabs.....I would suggest you download the free copy and use it for the entire month before buying it. However you will not be able to save nor print during that month.
  6. I have learned with HD Pro it is best to draw the house with the defaults first. Then change the house to my specifications per local approving bodies. I have read all the info on piers but I am at a loss. I need to take my engineers recommendations and draw them. On a level site in a mine subsidence area we are allowed to have the garage on a slab but the house must be on piers. What material do I read to change the house to a pier construction but leave the garage set on a slab. I know how to construct a house on piers. I know how to do a house and garage on a slab. I need help to have two different footing under the plan. Garage on slab House on pieres and they both in this case sit at "0" level on the terrain .
  7. RobynKS

    Variations in footings a slab plus piers

    Thankyou I did build the house on a slab first and selected garage then went to floor "0" the foundation layer and selected grade beam but it selects all the plan and will not let me just select just the house. How did you do what you did in the plan photo above.
  8. RobynKS

    Variations in footings a slab plus piers

    Hi Eric thank you I know how to choose either grade beam pier foundation and how to set things up but I do not know how to have two different foundation types in the one plan.
  9. RobynKS

    Lines that I did not daw must have a storey

    David thank you so very much for the videos links. I will watch them tonight.. Yes I thought I may have not drawn a wall or something the way the program intends from from Kats comment. Thanks Kat. You will be pleased to know I am starting to enjoy the software. You told me many moons ago to let my engineer worry about the footings and since drawing all my practice plans on a slab it has all made much more sense thus the enjoyment of using the program has started to kick in. Many Thanks and Merry Christmas. Robyn.
  10. There are lines in my practice plan I did not draw and when I click to open to explore there storey they do not have an open function. So where do you think they came from and why are they there. Many Thanks everyone Robyn
  11. RobynKS

    Bay Window Roof Question

    Sorry I ment " tap" the spacebar not " tab" the spacebar as stated above. Need to watch my typing more closely.
  12. RobynKS

    Bay Window Roof Question

    To post a photo would have been helpful. However...Have a tiled window. Click 3D and perspective overview or Shift + K then hold shift +F6 Then tap the space bar Then click in the 3D view Then click the spray can at the top of the icon bar Then the search bar will appear. Then either search for the material or select it from the list after you click the arrow next to the material grey arrow. I have supplied two photos for you to have a look at. Then click the spray can mark "C" at the left hand bottom of your screen See photo Then click in the perspective 3D view on the item you want to paint the cursor should look like a grey spray can. Good luck Note if you click on something and it does not work take note of how your cursor looks. You may have to tab the space bar as you are trying to select something while the previous item is still selected. Mmm hope that did not confuse you.
  13. RobynKS

    Lines that I did not daw must have a storey

    Mmmm Thanks.. Thats not good. But now I know that I will try to explore why they are there.
  14. RobynKS

    Clarification RE: Default Text Styles

    I have pro n I can set my fonts n sizes but avoid Century as a font style when I open on my program on my new computer it does not like it even though I have every font under the sun.
  15. RobynKS

    Wall ghost with Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom

    Have you checked your rafter sizes over each roof area?
  16. RobynKS

    V-Shaped Roofs

    Hi if this is a shed you are going to build it will need valley flashings and a valley gutter. Then you will need two downpipes n two drainage points unless your are on sandy soil. For a small shed it could be a bit expensive. But if doing it to just practice different design skills I am very interested. Good luck.
  17. RobynKS

    HD Pro Download issues

    Hi All I tried to down load the library accessories to my new computer. But it tells me there is an issue with the file. see picture. Many Thanks Robyn
  18. RobynKS

    Lowered Garage floor and upstairs walls changed???

    Thanks Eric Leanne also sent me some info thanks to you both I think I have that issue sorted. Will know when I build another House plan. many Thanks and merry christmas.
  19. HDPro Mmmm I selected the room to become a garage I lowered the floor height I selected Monolithic slab as there was no other choice. When I did the wall of the garage now has a gab at the point of the original floor height and the terrain. When I select the wall it will not allow me to pull it down. I need the wall to sit on the slab. Also The 1st floor walls increased in height. I do not understand why the upstairs {1st floor walls} became higher. Many Thanks Robyn HD pro
  20. RobynKS

    My exterior walls in the floor plan have lost their color.

    How many undos do you have set up in Preferences? You could try Ctrl Z but be sure to tap the space bar first. Also be sure you are in Floor plan with 3d view in a tiled window and be sure you are on the floor were you were when you turned them off. Hopefully some of the smarter HD home talk people will answer you soon. Good luck
  21. To everyone here on Home talk I would like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My sincere thanks to all that have helped me. I send love and best wishes to you for the season and pray you all have loved ones around you at Christmas. To any of you that do not believe in Christmas I take this opportunity to say thank you for making my HDpro journey less painful. Love Robyn KS xox
  22. RobynKS

    Can I adjusting stair riser height?

    Eric that question with the photo you supplied for HD2015 has also helped me Many Thanks robyn
  23. RobynKS

    Lowered Garage floor and upstairs walls changed???

    Thank you Eric (Solver) here is the plan. Many Thanks Robyn
  24. RobynKS

    Piers Drawn on "o" level but appear in 1st floor

    Yes it did work many thanks. I actually had tried that the day before but on the foundation layer "O" On that layer it does not allow me to open them but when I went back up to the 1st floor. Floor "1" it worked thanks very much.
  25. HDPro Hi all I put my shapes to represent piers/posts on "O" layer but they are showing on the floor of the 1st floor, but are not showing in plan view layer "1" Naturally they are foundation posts so what have I done wrong. Many thanks Robyn.