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    Clarification RE: Default Text Styles

    Thank you all for your input. Chief Architect Technical Support just confirmed that Home Designer Interiors, Suite, Architectural, and Pro versions all have the ability to edit default Text Styles. Home Designer Essentials is the only version that does not. Pretty odd choice to limit any program in this manner considering the many features to choose from.
  2. NewPTV

    Clarification RE: Default Text Styles

    Thank you Mick, I have contacted support regarding this. From the Knowledge Base article KB-00504 it looks like the font options should be available in all versions except for Essentials and the Product Matrix is not very clear about this. Essentials does not have Font settings under the Preferences > Appearance.
  3. The Edit> Default Settings > Text Styles option is not available in the Home Designer Essentials 2015. The font and size for all labels generated through the program has to be adjusted through each label individually. Can someone please clarify which versions of Home Designer include the option to set default Text Styles for labels etc. Thank you in advance.