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    Addition plan & framing

    I have the same problem. I am using Home Designer Pro which I just bought so I suppose it is version 2015
  2. kennethkbradford

    Showing Studs and roof trusses in Wall Elevation

    My cross section has the exterior walls, the i-joists and the roof but does not show roof trusses or the outlines of the wall studs. It displays a colored stud but when that layer is removed, there is not outline left like I get when I remove the color layers from the outside walls. I can create the wall studs and the roof truss from CAD but would rather not if there is some way to get them to show on the elevation
  3. I turned the color off on my floor plan but when I toggled it back on, the exterior walls had disappeared. They are still there. I can click on them and open the object and they show in 3D views. How do I fix this?
  4. kennethkbradford

    Showing Studs and roof trusses in Wall Elevation

    When I create an elevation using HD Pro, how do I get the studs to appear as outlines like the foundation walls do? They show up as a colored column but when their layer is removed, there are no stud outlines left. Also, how do I get roof trusses to appear in the wall elevation?