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    Editing interior wall height

    You need to tell us what program you are using first. Then send as a photo of your work or a copy of the plan. Good Luck. Ring support if you need to so they can guide you through your profile.
  2. Thats super. X
  3. RobynKS

    Hip Roof / Flat Roof Combo

    I use pro but and felt I learnt something from Jo-Anns comments. There are a few people in tech support that are real gems and others I have found to be very condescending as well. Chin up David don't let one rude person stop you from asking questions. They are not Architects but they know this program extremely well. It is not there fault that the advertising leads us to believe they are there to help. Good luck keep trying you will get it eventually. You can always add a gable just to the front of a flat roof for more street appeal. x
  4. You are probably best to finish the roof that builds automatically first . Then you can use the build roof tools after turning off auto build roof. Click on the floor plan and manually pull a roof over the next section and set the roof plane to the height you need. If you could post some pictures it would help us to help you more. I use the snipping tool in windows seven to take screen shots and draw around thing to send in my questions but I know there is a better way I just do not know what it is.
  5. RobynKS

    Library disappeared?

    In Pro you could try 1 click on the library icon. 2. to get back to the Library you like after lets say, you have clicked on terrain click the little house I have marked as 2 in the photo. Also click edit click preferences select the child button. A picture of your screen would help us to help you.
  6. RobynKS

    Newbie Issues

    Yes I agree with Eric delete the program and download again. In Australia when we have problems with downloads we find very early in the morning works best as there are not as many people using the internet. I have full 4g with Telstra now so that does not happen anymore. If your service provider does not give you a dedicated line your service often stops half way through a download. Support have a skype telephone number. If you have Skype downloaded it is free. It is Sunday morning here now so they will not be available until Tuesday here . But if you are in the USA it is Saturday afternoon and they may be available. Good luck lets us know how you go. Phone Support Technical Support: 208-292-3375 Sales / Customer Service: 208-292-3400 Fax: 208-292-3420
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    More Colour Choices

    Hi I would like a lot more Colour Choices to pain walls with. Where can they be found Please. Many Thanks Robyn
  8. RobynKS


    I cannot see an attachment nor the program you are using Pro?
  9. RobynKS

    circular counter top

    Jo-Ann hi may I ask how you took that screen shot and put text in the shot? I use snipping that comes with Office and does not allow me to type.
  10. RobynKS

    Rookie, David and Kbird

    Just incase you do not go back to the Slopping door QnA I want to be sure you all get my message . Many Thanks for your help I am extremely grateful xox.
  11. RobynKS

    Deck with rail not working today.

    Hi I deleted a deck as it had all the rails but only half a deck. Now I have tried to put on a new deck about 20 times. Is the program having a bad hair day or have I changed a setting ??? The deck meets the walls and all corners are joined so what is happening?
  12. RobynKS

    Deck with rail not working today.

    It is the rear of the hose where I in floor plan view Attached a deck with Rail to the external walls of the house plan. I have done this many times before but to day it only gives the rails. I have zoomed in and checked the attachment to the walls an it is attached but still not working.
  13. RobynKS

    How to find my old questions

    Just read everyones answers many thanks you are all Gems x
  14. RobynKS

    How to find my old questions

    Hi all I have had some amazingly helpful answers to my questions and sometimes want to review those answers or find the video that some of you have suggested I watch. How do I get back to those Q&A answers?
  15. RobynKS

    How to find my old questions

    Ok I got it you need to click on your own photo then there it is Thankyou .
  16. RobynKS

    Shaping Doors

    Thankyou everyone. Yes Kbird I did get it to work better with the slab door. At first I thought you meant a slab as in the footing slab. Then I said to myself oh no too hard.... Then today I read everyones notes again and I got it. You are all such valuable gems. Your lingo sometimes is very sms or facebook style. I often get confused when my family send messages. Maybe by my 80th birthday I will get it all worked out. LOL Rookie many thanks for your great comments you made, Kbird and David understood your comments then lead me to a successful outcome. The doors look very unattractive in the 3D view but I have real life photos of these door to show my clients. Great outcome on this post thank you all from the depths of my heart. x
  17. RobynKS

    Shaping Doors

    Does anyone know how I can shape doors to fit under stairs Please. I know they will need to be a special order but I need to draw them. Many Thanks Robyn
  18. RobynKS

    Shaping Doors

    KBird will try your way to day. Yes I know the hinge is wrong side but was really just trying different things and trying to iron out the problems. I should watch what I am doing as trying though. Tar.... Many Thanks Robyn.
  19. RobynKS

    How to find my old questions

    No still cannot find it.... Left side of what page?
  20. RobynKS

    How to find my old questions

    Good Morning from Australia Eric and many thanks for that answer.
  21. RobynKS

    Shaping Doors

    O yes the terms are different most of the time. It can be a headache at times. But I google what I cannot not understand. I have tried to day Rookies and Davids way. It will not let me do a bifold. Yes bifolds over here have tracks at the top as well but this door is a special order. We sometimes put a double hinged door under the stairs as well. They too have a sloping top or as some say and angled top. When I have a white wall it looks ok but with the blue wall it looks odd. see photos. I have tried several things to day pulling my hair out. LOL I also had to move the beam that supports the floor joist of the second floor Also had to move the wall back under the stairs more than it should be placed. As you said Kbird put a note on the plan. The clients do not like it when you cannot show them how it will look. Many Thanks everyone x
  22. RobynKS

    Shaping Doors

    Thank you everyone I will look at all your answers and get back to you. There is a wall there under the outer edge of the stair flight. It does work in real life my window manufacturer has been making them for me for over 40 years. It is a bifold door that opens towards to high side and it actually has three panels. The rail with the guides is on the floor. I had my laundry under the stairs in my first home. The laundry shoot was in the raised loft so my children could throw their washing down the shoot into the laundry basket.
  23. RobynKS

    Stone path Catalogs

    Both great answers many thanks kbird and Elovia x
  24. RobynKS

    Stone path Catalogs

    Is there any library catalogs for stone paths available for HD pro? My daughter has mondo grass between her concrete blocks. Dogs get very sick from Mondo grass so I want to show her how stone will look between the blocks. As per my second photo. many Thanks Robyn
  25. RobynKS

    Stairwell Crown Molding

    It looks like the right hand side of the stairs are out of line (bottom of stair). The stairs are sitting slightly under the wall or too close to the wall. At the top of the stairs the opposite is happening. Stairs are too close to the left hand side wall. It also looks like you do not have one continuous flight of stairs they are broken. Delete the stairs and re draw then with a nice steady hand. Hold the control key down as you drag the mouse. At the same time hold the left side of the mouse down. I think then everything will line up. Best wishes.