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    Thanks, that helped a lot! I have the roof line figured out but now I can't get the railing on the end of the balcony.
  2. mike52


    i hope this works its just a screen shot. thanks
  3. mike52


    I am using 2015 Pro and i attached a screen shot. I used a deck railing tool to create the deck on the second floor that the roof cuts through. thanks for the help
  4. mike52


    Ho do you place a balcony on a 2nd floor so the roof plain doesn't cut through it. I have a 5/12 pitch on the lower roof and a balcony coming off the 2nd floor but when I draw the balcony it is cut by the roof. See attached file for look I am trying to achieve. Thanks for the help
  5. mike52

    working with roofs

    Thanks I will watch the videos and try it
  6. mike52

    working with roofs

    Ok just got 2015 HD Suite works good it easy, till I Got to the roof. I need to have a Hip roof 5/12 pitch on the lower single story portions of the house and a Gabled 6/12 pitch on the second floor any ideas on how to do this?