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    Newbie Issues

    Thanks for all the advice above... I finally got through to tech support and they just sent me another link to do the download again. I only installed it on one computer so therewasn't another lincense or previuos download. They don't know exactly what it was but I will keep you all posted after I download it and try it again. This was actually a blessing because they gave me the wrong version the first time. I bought Home Design Suite and they gave me a link to Home Design Interiors. Thanks again and it is very nice to know there are nice people out there to help...Keep you apprised to what happens next....thanks again
  2. ssusa2010

    Newbie Issues

    Just downloaded the Home Design Suite and interiors and cannot get started. I get meesage that the license is activated by another computer and when I go as instructed to "de-activate" it it says I have no other lincenses. How do I start up the program? Anyone help? Thanks,