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    Drawing walls from interior measurments

    You have not said what program you are using but here is something you should be aware of. It is important to set up your defaults first. Watch lots of videos on setting up defaults. Play with the program one step at a time until you understand the defaults and measurements and how they work. Here is one example of how upsetting it can be to draw a plan and the measurements keep changing to measurements you do not want. When drawing the outside of your building you are best to change the measurements wall by wall as you draw them. However if you have not set up the defaults to auto dimension first you will run into strife. Then when you ask questions here people will not know what you are doing wrong so it is best you first understand dimensioning. Lets say you have not setup defaults "Auto Dimensions" You will draw the outside walls and change the dimensions and they will not actually be the outside dimension that you want or need. This very smart program will give you the actual measurements it thinks you want. In photo one I have drawn a house outline for you that is 12300mm long and 6300mm wide. so about 41'x21' Because I did not have Auto Dimensions turned on The width of the house became 6450mm even though I told the program that I wanted it to be 6300mm The program when auto dimensions is not on, tells you the correct dimensions when thickness of walls are added to the measurement. I hope this is not as clear as mud........ And I hope my photos assist you to understand a little bit more about dimensions and the reason why it is important to watch the dimension videos several times and read about dimensions and play with a plan before you start an important design. There are some wonderful people that answer questions here. They will also give you some great answers. But tell them the program you are using such as Pro or Architect or.... Also learn how to take a screen shot and upload that.
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    2nd Level Walls Disappear After building Roof (Photos)

    I just watched Davids video he made you. Wow David you are such a gem.
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    2nd Level Walls Disappear After building Roof (Photos)

    Something that happened to me may help you I setup a template, when I did somehow another floor plan was drawn 30 meters away on "0" layer. That meant whenever I opened that template and saved it ready to start a new house plan my drawing would do strange things. Ann Smith at support found it. And another time Derek found something like a soffit many kilometers away from my house plan. Maybe you should have a look on all floors to see if there is something drawn where it should not be.
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    Stone Pavers

    True stone does not usually fade from weathering. When washed with warm water its true colour will return. Bleach and other chemical cleaners will cause minerals to leach out of the stone. When placing sand/ lime stone around a pool it needs to be sealed with a two part epoxy. Travertine is not a marble as most people think but is by far the best stone for in and out doors. Photosynthesis in every area creates different properties in stone, soil and plants. It is best to research where the best stone is quarried for each purpose. Contact your local building inspector and he/she will help you.
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    2nd Level Walls Disappear After building Roof (Photos)

    I am very blonde LOL but have you accidently selected invisible walls. It also looks like you do not have your 1st and second walls aligned. see picture I have added to check that. When you are in plan view go to the second floor click on each wall to see if this tool shows up. If it does click it and it will line the wall up with the wall below. That will only fix the walls you need to have aligned with 1st floor. I often got weird things happening with this program. I naturally blamed the program. Because I am very cleaver it cannot be me.. Right...... Mmmm Very sadly I learned it was me. Unlike a drawing board where you can see your errors as you make them this program talks to you in pictographs. If we are not able to help you with our answers then select the second floor delete it and redraw it paying more attention to details. Good luck..
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    3 D views

    Thank you both Mick I will google search the 3d library.
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    3 D views

    Hi All In HD Pro I have tried to create a new Façade for an existing house. I have placed trees and pot plants and columns with a beam over the columns on the floor plan (1st floor.) But when I view the plan in 3D some of the trees and the columns and the beam look out of place (position) The house sits perfectly on the site but everything else looks strange. This always happens but I have not needed to address this issue before. This façade; when I finish it is for a client so I need the presentation to look real. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robyn
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    3 D views

    Yes I agree with you about the importance of pictures or the plan. Sorry... Life just happens. I had to rush off and did not mean to upload to here yesterday. I actually tried to redawn the plan and check what is meant by 2d or 3d plants. I thought all library items converted to 3D. I tried to find something to read to explain that better but ... no go... ThisTown house is on a hill overlooking the Gold Coast City and Tasman Sea. If you are wondering about the different colours I have been asked to create 3-4 different facades. HELP......
  9. RobynKS

    3d Views

    Derek I started again but a similar problem has happened.
  10. RobynKS

    3d Views

    Hi All In HD Pro I have tried to create a new Façade for an existing house. I have placed trees and pot plants and columns with a beam over the columns on the floor plan (1st floor.) But when I view the plan in 3D some of the trees and the columns and the beam look out of place (position) The house sits perfectly on the site but everything else looks strange. This always happens but I have not needed to address this issue before. This façade; when I finish it is for a client so I need the presentation to look real. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robyn
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    Painting a wall

    Read page 665 of the reference manual.
  12. RobynKS

    How to design inclined walls?

    Hi first you need to tell us what program you are using. It is best to add this to your profile.
  13. RobynKS

    make dimensions permanent

    I have this same issue it has driven me nuts for many months. Support tell me this and that but it does not solve the problem. I found I needed to change my dimensions as I draw the plan and before the entire plan is drawn. Even when I select move down arrow or the move both ways it still changes other dimensions to the point you want o cry. The solution pre draw your plan and know where everything goes and what sizes everything needs to be. Then draw one wall at a time and dimension it before drawing the next wall.
  14. RobynKS

    Making a upstairs inside the attic. (1.5 story)

    What version of HD are you using? But in HD pro you add a second storey and change the wall heights and remove the ceiling. see photo.
  15. RobynKS

    X shows in CAD object

    It represents a temporary dimension. Click Cad Scroll to Points Scroll to delete Temporary Points Then it should be gone. I hope thats a help to you Regards n Best wishes Robyn
  16. RobynKS

    What is this called?

    Here in Australia we call them Facades. Architectural Facades. Some of the Facades have their own name but if you search for 3D architectural Facades hopefully you will find some. I constantly struggle with HD pro limitations on home decor. I am searching for facades myself if I find some that work I will let you know. Sketchup and HD soffits is very time consuming. Also laser cutters can cut timber, plastics and sometimes metals to the shape you want for your Facades so have a look at laser cutter sites.
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    How do I get crown mold to follow vaulted angles

    Hi This is what I just tried very quickly. If you play you will get something that looks like a moulding. I should have made the ceiling medallions smaller. I placed one in the corner then used the transform tool as per my picture to send it up the edge of the gable. Good luck. If you want it to be timber before you transform make it timber. Let me know what you come up with. Could be interesting.
  18. RobynKS

    Importing symbols - an experiment

    Times is money. Build your own library of cabinets within home designer. When you play with this program you can get some very amazing cabinets. Then add them to your user folder in the library. I have even made unusual coffee tables and lamps on stands. The only thing I have not been able to group and keep are unusual windows.
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    Adding a second building to an existing plan

    Oh Deary me. It should be part of the program that as they sing up for talk it tells them to put their program type in. However it was not a waste of time because I actually learnt something and with my next question will learn yet another skill.
  20. RobynKS

    Adding a second building to an existing plan

    I am very new to Pro myself but here is what I just tried very quickly as an exercise. I draw my 1st main house but did not put the verandah on. I put the roof on automatically and added my pitch and the gables over upstair. I put all the roof line in with auto build roof. Then I draw the second building. On plan I clicked to go to level two. Then I clicked reference display Then I draw the walls for the second story of the barn Then I put the roof on with the manual roof tools. Then I went back to my main house and put the roof over the deck manually David is a big help to us all. So my next question would be if we build two to many houses on the same lot Can we then put the terrain levels in after the buildings are in place then change the footings to follow the terrain.???? I keep learning from other peoples questions. But I hope what I have just tried helps you.
  21. RobynKS

    Material Direction

    Hi I tried to do what you have explained to another home user . Your answers to his question and the video you made David were great. Many Thanks. However after I saved the log and the flooring to the name plus 90° I then checked my library and cannot find the new materials. So where did they save to?
  22. RobynKS

    Material Direction

    Hi Mick no it did not save to the user folders. David many thanks
  23. RobynKS

    Partially Covered Deck

    I am not sure where your confusion is but here try this After you have completed the house and its roof styles of the main house then and only then select the deck with rail tool Draw a deck Select build roof Select Build roof plane Draw a roof over your deck Be sure you have turned build roof auto off. but if you don't the program will ask you do you want to turn auto off and do it for you. You will then need to change the rails to the type you want. You may have to select the roof and lower it. Then in plan view click on the rail and open it then you can tell the rail to be a post and beam style. Then if you want an extra deck section without a roof just select the deck and make it larger. If your new to this program this will all be as clear as mud. Save your plan with a different name and play with the plan and take camera views to have a look at what you have done. if it is not right do several Ctrl Zs and try again. by the time you have played a bit someone smarter than I will have answered your question. Mind you Jo-ann and Kbird usually give amazingly helpful answers. Give it a go Susan and re ask the question. Try not to be in a hurry play and read and watch lots of videos and have the program open and try things as you stop and start the video. My heart goes out to you because it is a hard program to learn. But every time you lean how to achieve something you feel like a kid with a new toy. Good luck.
  24. RobynKS

    Importing symbols - an experiment

    I tried a few ways but it wants me to go to the app store. Have a look through the answers to other peoples questions and answers to this type of question David and Mick (Kbird) gave me some good answers to importing people last month. When they see your question they will most definitely be able to assist you .. good luck sorry I was unable to help. However I think you are right and need to import them into sketchup first as it states they are to be saved as sketchup.
  25. Great answers David and Mick. However after trying this I then cannot find the newly saved material after I did a practice of these above answers. I have posted a question. Named the question" material directions". Hope you can both have a look and set me straight. Many Thanks Robyn