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    Drawing walls from interior measurments

    Thanks. I have tried a couple of the suggestions and am still not figuring it out. I have been playing with it and using the reference material. I will try watching some videos. I am using Home Designer Suite. For example, it does not matter if I have Surfaces checked in the dimension preferences or not. If I draw a room that I want to be 5ft square on the inside, I get a 5 ft square room on the outside walls and a 4'3" square room on the inside. I have to add 8 inches to each wall to get a 5' sq room on the inside. That is easy when doing a square room, which I am not doing. My room has all sorts of nooks and crannies and trying to figure out when to add for wall thickness and how much is driving me crazy.
  2. laurajcox

    Drawing walls from interior measurments

    I am remodeling a room. I only have interior measurements. When i draw a 5 ft interior wall, it ends up being only 4 ft 3.5 inches on the interior as I add other walls. Is there an easy way to draw and have it key off interior measurements?