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  1. Hello, Mine is a Logitech M705 it's a bit older model but I love the way it works with my applications. Panning with it isn't a problem either. Hopefully you can still find one if it looks suitable to you. Thanks
  2. These are a few of my favorites.
  3. My first guess is the window placement below the two intersecting walls. I can't tell from the angle but it might have some bearing on the issue. It looks as though it might be above the top plate of the wall. Just a guess but as Eric said the Manual Roof Plane might work too.
  4. Another note is you can hold the control key down and move the object without the snap affecting it.
  5. I am not sure if you are talking about double hung windows versus awning windows but you should be able to get the exact window you need by modifying the dimensions and or putting two windows side by side if needed.
  6. I would just use the under-cabinet lighting and just modify the dimensions of them by double clicking on them or use the open properties icon to change the settings of the lights. Like the lights I have in the image attached......you can set the lumens for the lighting too.
  7. Darkhorse41

    Shed roof

    It looks to me like you have the roof peak line for the storage area going to the peak of the garage roof. I think you need to create a roof plane for the storage area and stop it at the side of the main structure.
  8. Here is the list of what the new features of 2021 are.new-features.pdf
  9. Here is a quick view of a bump out with the flared roof applied.
  10. I created one in 3D software that I have. It will import into the plan and you can scale it to the size you want. I have to create a lot of custom objects so let me know if you need anything. I have included the file and it is 3ds. I have found that this file type works best with curves or flared objects. Thanks roof flared.3ds