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  1. In the plan already laid out the Wall Structure "Default Wall Height" check boxes are grayed out so I can't change them. How do you unlock these check boxes? I've selected, as and example, all the rooms and changed their height to 14 feet. I now want to set the finished interior ceiling to 10 feet so that i end up with a 4 foot (nominal) knee wall in the attic.
  2. Yep. That's what I'm trying to achieve...
  3. I'm trying to modify and existing plan that has standard height walls to use 12' 2x6 (nominal) boards rather than standard studs. What I want to achieve is a first floor with approximately 10' ceilings and have an attic that has approximately 12"-16" stem walls on all exterior walls depending on the ceiling joist size I need to use. The cabin has a rough exterior dimension of 38' by 16' so I think I'll use 2"x12" boards at 12" OC for the ceiling joists, which will handle the 16' span and loads I need. If I do that I can have a reasonably usable unfinished attic as I'm using a 12/12 roof pitch. Anyway, I tried looking at changing wall heights, and/or ceiling heights, but can't achieve my goal. I don't want to have to start the plan over just to get the default wall/ceiling heights to take hold. Is there a way to modify all exterior walls to use 12' studs, have all interior walls use 10' studs to achieve roughly 10' ceiling heights, and let the balance of the exterior wall stud lengths float into the attic? OBTW I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021...
  4. Yep! Just figured it out... Added the room divider, selected the water heater space and the entry space, set the height to the original, and bingo! I REALLY appreciate your two helping with this. Learned some good things, and will use them going forward! THANK YOU!
  5. If I change the bathroom ceiling height to 8 feet I get this...Because part of the ceiling is inside the main perimeter. There must be a way to indicate that the roof line for the main roof stay the "normal" height, and other the part outside the main perimeter should drop down...
  6. I did split the exterior wall on the right thinking I could change all three selected walls to a shorter height, and that might do it... But it didn't... The problem is that half the bathroom ceiling is high, and half low. So the roof generates a funky indent.... I'd be fine if the ceiling in the bathroom (and HW space) was all the same height at roughly 8 feet.
  7. so if I select the pantry, which is fully contained in the bump out space, that part of the roof drops as desired. But when I select the bathroom, which is partially in the bump out, and partially inside the main space, I get a very interesting result... I don't see a way to "split" the ceiling line in the bathroom so that the roof drops properly. Is there a way to create a split line half way thru the bathroom so that the exterior section lowers properly? See the example image...
  8. that is exactly what I'm trying to achieve. Funnily, as I try different things I get all kinds of strange results...all because I'm learning and don't know the proper way! Fun, but frustrating too... I have s 1 foot overhang on the main roof. I have tried to change the wall height on the bump out, but haven't figured it out properly. And I tried changing the roof pitch, but the only way I saw to do it was have a two pitch roof, one for the top and another for the bottom half. That resulted in a gull wing. I'll try changing the ceiling height and see what happens...
  9. Thanks Solver and Jo Ann...I didn't realize I could grab the manual the way...reading it now! Jo Ann, the bump-out is shorter in the sample image, only shows how the roof should attach to the taller wall...
  10. The main roof needs to be flat all across the plan, not have a gull wing extension. I need all the space for solar panels. The main section if the house should have 10 foot exterior walls (with high ceilings inside as well), but the pop out section should only have 8 foot exterior walls on all three sides. The pop out roof should be a flatter pitch and connect to the 10 foot exterior wall like shown in the attached example image. The inside ceiling for the bathroom and pantry can have ceilings at whatever height, 8 or 10, don't really care.
  11. Have a small cabin design that I can't figure out how to tweak the roof on. The main section of the cabin is set to have 10' walls all around and a 12/12 pitch (needed for best overall solar panel angle). The small pop out that holds part of a closet/pantry and bathroom needs to have walls that are only 8' tall, and the roof over that section should terminate into the side of the 11' wall, rather than being a gull wing as shown in the attached pic. I've tried various things to get that to happen, but can't find a way to split the ceiling height in the pantry and bathroom to 8' walls and get the roof to split properly. Sadly, as I have an older version of the Arch software (2018) I can't download a manual from the web site. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I'm also looking at the 2021 upgrade but can't find a list of differences/enhancements. I've sent that question to the support/sales email and am waiting for a reply.
  12. Thx. Applied profile change as recommended. Also found it was the Roof Planes option under Tools:Display Options. Appreciated the info...
  13. I managed to turn on the roof material surface view while looking at a framing view, and have no idea how to turn it off. So, now I see a finished roof on my frame views. Anyone know how togo back to the "normal" frame view where I just see the roof framing and not the completed roof? Running Architectural 2018 on a Mac.