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  1. FusedLight

    Electrical Circuits

    *sigh* That's what I was afraid of. Well... not really "afraid".... I was just hoping there was a tool in the Box'O'Goodies to let me go click.click.click and the circuit is built. (Oh, and lookie there! I've got a sig block now! See... I'm trainable!)
  2. FusedLight

    LED Under Cabinet

    Hi Eric... Just try to find a pre-made element that I can drag'n'drop onto my plan. I've got the cabinets placed, now I want to stick some strip lights on the bottom of them. I suppose I could add some sort of "placeholder" lamp, but it would be nice if there was a little widget that would do the magic for me.
  3. FusedLight

    Electrical Circuits

    It's easy enough to add circuits between switches and lights, but I'm having a hard time finding a tool that can do the "feed" wiring that connects various switches to the supplying electrical circuits and thence on to the appropriate breaker(s). Thanks!
  4. FusedLight

    LED Under Cabinet

    I'm looking to add a bunch of under cabinet LED strip lights. Any suggestions on how to add that to my plans?