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  1. Problem 2/3 and unsure if related to my first issue... How do I stop the railing at the point where the staircase reaches the wall on the left side? When I try to add the additional stairs from the landing, I can see them on my second floor floorplan but they don't appear there in my Camera view. For some reason they get built on the first floor?
  2. When I build the landing, it automatically adds walls (?) below the landing on my first floor. Attaching a picture of what this actually looks like from the same angle. When building the first floor, I used shapes to recreate this area.
  3. Hi, Looking for some help on how to recreate this staircase/landing in Home Designer Pro... My first floor is completely built and I'm now wanting to add the second floor but I'm stuck on how to recreate this landing. Any guidance and insight is much appreciated :)
  4. That worked! Thanks so much.
  5. I found the image of my tiles online and imported them into Home Designer. When I apply them to my fireplace, they appear transparent. I've attached a photo of what's happening as well as the images of the tile. I've imported countless images of different tile before and applied it to this exact fireplace in this configuration but this is the first time this has happened. There may be a better way to do this but I've used 3 separate Soffits to create my fireplace. I've also tried using a Solid Closed Shape but the same thing happens. Any insight?
  6. I am wanting to declutter my floor plan view prior to printing. I have several decor items that are classified as "Furniture, Interior" - some of which I want to show (such as stools at the island) and some which I do not (such as glasses on a shelf). Is there a way to classify the stools/the items I want to show under a different/new layer set so I can toggle on/off accordingly?
  7. I am trying to place Kohler's undermount apron front sink (K6546-4U) into a cabinet. I am having issues with the cabinet box showing through the top of the sink front. It seems to me that its the "Separation" that is showing through but I'm unable to change the colour of just that component of the cabinet. Is this a glitch of some sort with the catalog item or am I not doing something right here?
  8. Thanks Eric. This is what worked for me: Created my main floor. Divided my room. Created railing and made it invisible. Entered my finished ceiling height for each room. For the room that was LOWER: under "absolute elevations" under "Floor" - entered the difference in height.
  9. Hi David, Thank you. This is the method I should use even though it is only ONE step/stair between "levels"? Is there no way to adjust floor/ceiling height to accommodate for this?
  10. This may be a silly question but its something I have not yet had to do yet in Home Designer. I am trying to recreate a main floor which has two different levels - the kitchen/dining room has one step down into a living area. Do I need to create two different floors for this even though it is all technically the main level in the home? Very much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction for how to do this. Very much out of my repertoire
  11. Thanks Eric, I'll do that. I just wasn't sure if I perhaps had something wrong in my settings that was causing the issue.
  12. Hi David, Thanks for your reply. I have a gaming laptop with a NVIDIA GTX 1650 video card (4GB) so we're good there. The laptop is just a month old so I imagine everything is up to date and not corrupted although I don't know how to check that? Using the export image command. I included a screen capture in my original post to show that the lights are on prior to and while exporting the image.
  13. I get my shot set up to export a photo and all of my lights are on. They stay on while the photo saves (photo attached). Once complete, however, my 3D view and the exported photo has all lights turned off. I seem to only have this issue when "Hide Camera-Facing Exterior Walls" toggled on but I need this on to get the shot... Any idea how to fix this?
  14. Hmm, now I'm wondering if mine is just defective. I'll check these ones out though. Thank you!