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  1. Is there a way that I can move it to a different layer of my choosing? Floor registers are currently on the 'fixture' layer. The issue is that I need to keep the 'fixture' layer on to show toilets and bath tubs. However, I don't want floor registers displayed. I suppose I could delete the registers, but they are needed on different sheets. With Registers.pdf
  2. The goal is to be able to create a high quality image of a floor plan that can be used in real estate listings. Here's what I've been doing: File > Export > Export Picture (BMP, JPG, PNG) I have tried playing around with different PPI (see attached) and all of them look blurry and of poor quality. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Forget it. It's 34 MB zip file even after removing unnecessary symbols. There has got to be a simpler way to get a solution to this answer. I appreciate your attempt to help.
  4. Attached is my .layout sheet. I can't upload my .plan file because it's too big. A2- Arrell Basement Elevation Sheet 1.layout
  5. Eric, it won't let me attach my .plan file because it's larger than 14MB. Ideas?
  6. A1- Arrell Basement Proposed Plan upload.layoutSee attached image. All views on my layout page are using the 'technical illustration' rendering technique, but for some reason the top left one (newest) looks so different. All views on my layout page have been manually updated by me and are current. What am I doing wrong? Thanks A1- Arrell Basement Proposed Plan.layout A2- Arrell Basement Elevation Sheet 1.layout
  7. It looks like whenever you import a PDF, it goes to the 'CAD, default' layer. It would be nice for imported PDFs to be on a separate layer and I'm going to request that in another part of the forum. Thank you for your help guys.
  8. First question: I'm trying to trace over a home's original blueprints and imported the PDF. I am finding that it's really hard to tell which lines are the PDF and which are from Home Designer. Is there a way to change the PDF's transparency inside the program? Second question that is related to the first: is there a way to pin the PDF in the background so I don't keep moving it as an object? I keep deleting it on accident.
  9. Can anybody instruct me remove the room divider line from view? Thank you!
  10. I am fairly new to Chief Architect and Home Designer, and am wondering why these two products have been eliminated.