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  1. David, would you be willing to look at the attached files and see if you can open them and save them in a format that the current version of Home Designer can open?  They were created (by me, years ago) in a Brodurbund version, I'm no longer sure which version.  I've installed Chief Architect X8 Desktop Viewer to try to view or convert them but it won't open these.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I'll be using them in Home Designer Pro, if they will open, as a basis of creating a new set of files for this same house, the one we have lived in for the last 22 years.  I'm planning a kitchen renovations, and further down the road an attached garage, so not having to start from scratch and remeasure everything would be nice.35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PL2

    35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PB1 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PB2 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PB3 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PB4 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PL3 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PL4 35 Ankerville Deck Joists.PL1

    1. DavidJPotter


      Be sure I get all the files (.pl1, .pl2 etc for the file conversion. I am happy to do it but I need all the files for that project please. Email them  to me at c16467@gmail.com