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  1. Good Morning,

    How can I create a new floor 0 without starting over, since I have done significant design work and dont want to start over.  Basically i need to create a walkout basement and from what I am reading in the forums is that I need to make my basement into floor 1 for this to work.  Can you assist or direct me to find more about this?

    1. solver


      Please start a new Topic, and since this is a user to user forum, it's bad form to address your questions to one of the moderators. 

  2. Hello Derek,

    I need some help with this program I just got a few days ago.

    I was wondering if you could help me with quick guidance on how to use the measuring tape. I did watch through the video guild program to see if it does provide detail on how to modify the adjustment. witch, I can't find the video that gives me the detail. the problem I'm having is. when a vertical wall corners with a horizontal. Like an L and when the window is on either side. how do I measure out without interfere the window but move the wall measurement? 


    1. solver


      You might start a new thread with your question. This is a user to user forum and not a direct link to individual Chief Architect employees.

  3. I'm learning this product and am a bit slow, especially when it comes to roofs, etc.

    This is a two story house we are working on building, currently it is over the 3000 sqft
    max living space (building cost constraints).  The bottom floor is 10' and second is meant to
    be 8'.  The roofs are 12:12.  Looking to add a shed roof  at the level of the 2nd floor joists to
    go over the porch.  It would be in the range of 3 or 4:12 pitch.

    Any hints on how I create a shed roof to go over the front porch and attach to the building?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.
    Also I realized I should attempt to put this in a proper part of the Home Talk for Hints and Tips but didn't see how to do that.

    Front porch roof needed.png

    1. solver


      Please start a thread in Q&A. You ask a question, someone else answers.

      Tips & Techniques is where you might share a tip or technique.

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  4. Thanks for the reply but when you refer to room structure dbx what are you referring to? And where do we find it? And is this in HD architectural 2018?







    1. solver


      Please keep questions within the original thread.

      If you are asking about dbx, it's short for dialog box. Double click the room, or select the room and Control/Command-E.

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  5. Does my Home Desginer Pro 2016 have the remodel function?  Or do I need something else?

    1. solver


      What is "the remodel function"?

  6.  does chief architect  software have wheelchair ramps

    1. solver


      This would be a question to ask someone from Chief, but I will say, Chief (and  Home Designer Pro, and possibly other Home Designer titles) does have a ramp tool. It's not specifically a Wheelchair Ramp.