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  1. You can add a curb and shape it to match but I don't see an option to add markings even to roads.
  2. I was talking about using the Terrain Feature, you can draw a rectangular Terrain Feature, then using the break tool to shape it anyway you want. You can set the material as blacktop, and you have your road.
  3. I just used one Terrain Feature and used the break line tool to shape it. It’s stayed connected as one feature.
  4. Try using the Terrain Feature Tool to draw the driveway, you can break it and adjust the shape you want then change the material to blacktop.
  5. Try selecting the room and raise the ceiling height by 4 inches.
  6. I'm not sure what version of the software you are using, but in HDP you can draw a manual ceiling on the 2nd floor over the stairwell and set the height to whatever you'd like.
  7. Is this what you're looking for? I made a new wall type with drywall, steel framing, insulation airgap, block and drywall. Put in a doorway with no jamb or casing. I used Home Designer Pro 2024 Trail Version and wasn't sure what version you are using.
  8. You can draw your deck on floor 1 and raise its floor height to sit under you cantilever. Turn off deck beams and deck post manually frame the deck beams and post.
  9. You can set this in the Rail Specification, Rail Style, Horizontal Offset and Newels/Balusters, Bottom Offset.
  10. In example 2 and 3 the interior of the walls are not in line. Example 1, I replicated you issue when I used a half wall which marks it as a railing. I unchecked railing which makes it a full height wall, but then selected the top of the wall in camera view and pulled it down which corrected the missing drywall.
  11. Thanks Keith, I didn't have the Kohler catalog downloaded in my 2021.
  12. I don't see any medicine cabinets in any libraries. You can make one from a wall cabinet and use CTRL to position it in a wall niche. Change your cabinet door to a slab and the material to glass.
  13. Garybills

    Roof issues

    Don't forget your cricket between the sanctuary and the bell Tower. Here is a link to a short Chief video on the Cricket if it works with HDP.
  14. Garybills

    Roof issues

    Here is an example I did, sorry I couldn't make a video showing how so I hope this helps. You need this wall to be Gable to get rid of the hip roof you have. Delete this roof plane. Edit the main roof plane.
  15. Sorry for not giving any details to my example but it was late and past my bedtime!! Step to my example 1: Draw 1st Floor plan 2: Draw Basement at 120” below 1st floor 3: Build Terrain with subfloor 12” above terrain and elevation lines set at 0” at the front and back 4: Add terrain region in front of basement garage set at -120” 5: Draw retaining walls in the shape of driveway Added 6: Added terrain regions at 0” and shaped to match retaining walls and around the house 7: Drew terrain feature for driveway 8: Adjusted Lower terrain region to gat driveway even with basement floor 9: Changed fill colors to show different regions
  16. Are you looking for something like this?
  17. I only have the trial version of Suite 2023, so I tried to make some notes to help you out. It's a matter of setting up the walls for the roof, especially the back sunroom for the upper pitch. I built the foundation, and the garage and sunroom floors came back. I hope this gets you on the right track.
  18. Can you post your plan and maybe someone can figure out what’s going on. I tried to replicate your situation but wasn’t able to. Also, what version of Home Designer are you using?
  19. Pella Cottage Sash.calibz Try this Pella window and see if it's close enough to what you're looking for. I couldn't get the Pella Catalog for HD but was able to save this one to my user catalog in Chief x15 and export it. Hopefully it will open for you.
  20. I don't know what version of HD you have, but some of your textures were missing when I downloaded your plan and the missing textures said HD Suite 2020. My example is HD Pro 2020 so I hope Suite will work the same. Since you started you plan on an angle your floors aren't drawing on that angle. In Plan view go to Edit, Edit Area, Edit Area (All Floors), Marquee select everything then go to transform replicate objects and rotate -15 degrees. I hope this works for you.
  21. Thanks Eric, my brain was thinking automatic.
  22. You can't do it automatically, but after framing you can resize and delete the plates in a framing camera view. The only problem is you can't turn auto wall framing back on. It wouldn't be to bad if your just doing a few walls dividing a Townhouse or Apartment.
  23. I downloaded the trail version of 2024 Architectural and there is no option to dimension to window and door centers, only interior wall centers.
  24. Is this what you're looking to do? 
  25. How about a cabinet. a 3/4" thick wall and a 3/4" double door?