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  1. Thanks so much Gary. T worked! I just had to change the 2 walls & front rail to high shed/gable. Not sure how to get that middle post at corner of the 'porch' but this is good enough. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, I really don't want to buy pro.. even the suite is expensive to just design a carport. It works when I design the 'porch' with 3 invisible 'walls' (except you don't seen any posts) but when I define them as railings, the roof line and right hand overhang are wonky. I'll probably just get the truss company to do the plan for me. Thanks for your help.
  3. Well I tried again in the trial (I can't save files) after it crashed.. I can get it to work with no porch in front of the shed, but I can't get it to work with a small porch in front of the shed. I have specified both the right hand wall and railing to be hip roof, 3"/12" first roof pitch, 6"/12" second roof pitch (which is roof pitch for the rest of the building), and 168" in from baseline (which I only got by guessing but it seems to work on the plan with no porch. The front and back walls/railings are designated as gable. Wall between the carport and shed, and the far left carport wall are designated hip in the roof specs. Please see the attached pictures. I really appreciate your help.
  4. I would like to design something similar to the attached picture in HD Suite 2024. I downloaded the trial version and wasn't able to get the R side shed roof to extend over the covered area in front of the door of the R side workshop. It worked fine without the covered area. Then the system crashed and I can't save a project in the trial version. So I want to know if this is possible before I purchase the Suite. I'm familiar with this software from many years ago, using 3D Home Architect to design my house. That version (that I still have) won't let me build a shed roof sideways to the main structure and extend up the side of the main room (that I believe the 2024 Suite) will do. Also the trial version didn't seem to have as much in the way of trees/shrubs that the old 3D Home Arch did. Or perhaps I just can't find them?