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  1. I just did the same thing. If you look at my last post, you'll see I had to create some invisible walls in order for it to work and to unselect all the ATTIC WALL check box from the wall. good luck!
  2. I just did this for converting my attic. You'll need to add a second floor. It was a weird concept to me but it's how the software works. Posted February 5, 2015 For adding attic type rooms under an existing roof system, the key is to accurately emulate the existing home. Then you "save-as" a copy of the "as-built" accurate model, then add a "blank Second floor" without rebuilding roofs. Then when you draw the walls for living space in what was the attic, you end up with what possible, living space is then available. It should be done carefully, checking the virtual model against the existing house with lots of dimensions to make sure that your copy is faithful to the original. DJP there are several articles on this. I found the easiest thing is to add a second floor and start with blank and not create from floor plan. That's more of a story and a half which is what I just did. good luck! Brad
  3. Problem solved. I selected all the walls in a single instance, clicked open, and one was defined as no room def. unselected and it works. Thank you so much for the guidance. This software is so powerful and so many options. I really am thankful for the community of people who help make it easy for us amateurs to get great results. Thank you @Garybills for taking the time to help me figure this out. Onward and upward. Brad
  4. Gary! Invisible walls, newbie mistake for sure! I have built them but I still can't get the room to create. Is there one more thing that I should do. I have verified that all of the walls do not have attic wall selected. I know I am almost there... Thank you again for all the help. I will never forget invisible walls again, that's the secret sauce for sure! Brad
  5. Thanks for the advice but still no luck, I've removed the NO ROOM DEFINITIONS flag on the walls and I still can't select the room. Not quite sure how to build the wall, since this is basically a finished gabled attic so the rafters will run from the ridge to the top plate on the first floor. The rendered view is correct, so I'm certain I have a nerd knob turned in the wrong direction, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Thanks again for the advice. I'm certain I'm almost there.... Brad Wood HDP 2024 MBP MacOS 14.3
  6. So are you saying that I need to select those walls and give them a room definition. let me give that a try and see what happens
  7. The second floor is a finished attic and I followed the instructions for creating it. Looking at the floors there is a second floor that I had the system build. The lack of walls are where the rafters go to the first floor since this is a floor and a half. Did I do something wrong creating the second level? There should be floor 0, 1, 2, and A. Is that not right? Thank you so much for the response!
  8. Hello Everyone. Thank you for all of the help in getting my roof to line up. That was amazing and we finally have a digital twin. I am working on the last bits and very much struggling to get the stairs to the newly created second floor to create an opening. I keep getting This error. I have ensured I do have a second floor, it looks normal when I look at the default settings. When i turn on framing I see the ceiling joists, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it should show up as floor joist. I'm not seeing subfloor on the level. I am sure I am doing something silly but any help would be greatly appreciated. Really stuck here. I've attached my current plan. Thank you in advance for any help you might can give me. Brad Wood Home Designer Pro 2024 Apple Mac Book Pro M3 16" MAC OS 14.3.1 2217Lindell_2
  9. Ok, I figured out the domer I was trying to build it in 3d view and that was causing all kinds of headaches. All good there, now just need to figure out the stairs, and I think I'll have my digital twin fixed. Thank you again for all the help! A friend of mine told me this was the best, forum on the internet. I would say so. That video was just what I needed!
  10. Eric. Amazing. My roof now lines up. In regard to the second floor i must have completed an undo action before i saved and uploaded my file. The problem that I have right now, is that when I try to create the stairwell for the stairs, I get a no floor above error. Addtionally when I try to add the dormers that are on the plan, i am getting a "another dormer too close error". Thank you so much for all the tips on turning off the noise. I just started building this back in November and I kept saying I'll go back and finish the roof later. Today was my later!! here is an updated copy of my file and a PDF of my plans. You finally have made some sense of all of this for me. I had the very basic primitives, but you really made things come into light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Brad 2217Lindell_2 2217LindellAveBlueprints.pdf
  11. Hi everyone. long time stalker here. I am translating my blue prints into a Home Designer Pro 2024 on Mac. I am having issues trying to get the roof planes to align and manually mucking with it is not yielding me any results that I want. The exitsting house has a 18' roof ridge that i need to match the rear addition to. Home Designer is bringing the roof ridge too low on the plane and is doing some weird things with the eves. I am somewhat new to the software and I am sure it is all due to me being unskilled so I am hoping all of you out there can give me some guidance on what I need to do to make this right The other issue that I am having is creating the attic into living space. I have added the second level as per the tech note, but when I try to open up the stairwell, it says that a floor is missing. Attached are my HDP 2024 files. This is a work in progress so please don't beat on me too hard. Thanks! Brad Home Designer Pro 2024 Macbook Pro M3 Mac OS 14.3.1