nudging with arrow keys in layout (not plan) view


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This may seem an odd question, but important to me because sometimes I want to microscopically nudge symbol objects that I have in LAYOUT (not PLAN) view, but when I press an arrow key the selected item moves too far, and I'd like to make each tap of the arrow key move the object a much tinier distance, for flexibility when adjusting.


I have no problem setting the default nudge distance in PLAN view, because I can adjust it under Edit/Default Settings/Plan/Use Snap Grid/Units.


So then, how can I adjust the default nudge distance for the four arrow keys in LAYOUT view? I've looked at every possibility in the Edit dropdown menu (in addition to the Default Settings selection), but I cannot find a nudge distance adjustment setting.


I'm sure the answer is sitting right under my nose somewhere, but it continues to elude me. Help would be appreciated!

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Dear Solver,


Thank you so much! You solved my problem, now I know where I can adjust the size of the grid while I'm in a layout file, this is exactly what I needed.


[In answer to your suggestion to indicate what I'm trying to do- sometimes when in a layout file, for expediency's sake, I'll just draw right on top of a drawing that I've sent into the layout view, rather than spend inordinate time in the plan file to make everything exactly right. When I do this, sometimes I need to "nudge" something I've drawn in layout view so that it reads more accurately, or if I have to rush and simply line something up that's a tiny fraction of an inch off so that it will print more legibly. Basically for me just a timesaver, but one that can save a lot of time if I have to micro-adjust a number of items overlaid over a detail view to make the drawing read nicely- the arrow keys are what I want to use to move things around.]


Just the way I've evolved doing things to date in HD; I'm sure there are better ways, and I'll try to learn them as I get more experienced.

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I have the same issue - can't nudge just a bit for alignment. I attached a screenshot. The upper and base cabinets are not exactly aligned vertically. One needs just a fraction of an inch to be perfect.

Using HDpro 2024

Screenshot 2024-05-10 163831.png

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USE CENTER command.

Click on one off center to select it.


Then click CENTER button on bottom left row of buttons.

Select/click The one that is 2 arrows pointing at each other

Then move cursor to cabinet that is centered and move mouse so a Centerline appears centered on this cabinet where you want.

Best to do in PLAN view


NOte watch for the centerline because it will choose sides and possible change directions so not vertical horizontal.


Note they also have one for mirror, align/perpendicular etc.

Lots of stuff covered in manual if you type in CENTER as it should lead you to the other as lots of things in construction are centered or perpendicular or aligned with other objects.


Another method could be in plan view select objet you want to move and temp dims come appear.

Select the dimension you know you want to change.

Example base aligned with upper.

Select base and some temp dims appear select one that you can change the value to force the base to be centered with upper.

All depends on what temp dims you get that time and they can change based on where you select on the object.


PRACTICE and this is powerful and saves bunch of time.



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