Home Designer Architectural 2023 freezes or locks up when trying to change an interior wall


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I am encountering the same problem every time I try to do something with a particular wall in a plan I'm working on:

When I try to delete the wall or change the length of the wall, the HDA 2023 app locks up.

I was able to delete doorways from the wall, but other changes I try to make cause the app to freeze. I am not having this issue on any other aspects of the plan - everywhere else, I can move walls and add or delete windows and other features. I encounter this problem only when trying to make a couple of kinds of changes to this wall. In the attached image, it's the long horizontal wall below the label "Kitchen" and some cabinets and kitchen appliances. I suspect it has something to do with the cabinets and appliances adjoining the wall, but I can't prove that.

I work on Windows 11, and the Task Manager shows me the application is spiking my processor usage.

Any help appreciated.

HDA 2023 program freeze.jpg

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