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I know I've done something silly to cause this when I was trying to adjust my roof angle to be close to my client's actual roofline. It's a remodel and I needed to make sure the roofline was in the correct place so I could figure out the heights of the kitchen cabinets. I did not draw the entire house because we are not remodeling the entire house, just a few parts. I try not to do extra work. Anyway, in making all the adjustments, I've done something to cause this space where my drywall doesn't go all the way up (or my roof doesn't come all the way down on the outside wall. I've tried adjusting everything I can think of to fix this, but I'm just not having any luck and I don't want to send a 3D view to the client like this. Can someone help? The ceiling is not exactly in the correct place, but I know the beams are very close. 



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