How to resolve roof issue in Architectural version of Home Designer?


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I've just purchased Home Designer Architectural 2024 (for my 2021 MAC OS 13.5.1) and I can't get my roof to work. My half upper story 1906 house was slowly expanded. From front to back I have a hip roof over a front porch, a full gable roof on East and West sides over a knee wall bedroom, a full gable roof on North and South sides over the first floor dining room and office (with flooring on second floor under the roof), and a shed roof over the first floor kitchen. I can get all but the dining room and office roof to work; I expect because it's sandwiched between competing roof directives (hip & gable East side, hip and high shed West side). It also won't let me make a dormer for the bathroom above the dining room, I assume because the "base" roof isn't working. Is it possible to resolve this in the Architectual version of the software, without the $400 upgrade to Pro? How? (In photo: left is back/West, right is front/East.)



Thank you for your help!

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You may think you have posted enough info, but you haven't.
What is the 1st floor ceiling height, and what is the height of the 2nd floor knee wall?
What is the main roof pitch?

Posting a jpeg of the 1st floor plan, and the 2nd floor plan, would be helpful.

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Thank you Jo_Ann! Here's the info requested. I see in your guess you were able to get the Living room roof line to go back to the Dining room roof line - that's great to see! Also you were able to get the dining room looking as it should. I'm happy to see there's hope for me - Yay!

South side of house - Dining with upper closet & bath dormer - and kitchen .jpg

West-Back side of house - Kitchen w Bath Dormer.jpeg

First floor.png


South-side - Living, Dining, Kitchen.jpg

Current Roof Render.png845925415_Firstfloor.thumb.png.948fb272a0ec47f54fe7f8f3ba16d3d4.png

Half Upper Story.png

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This roof is complicated for HD Architectural.
Based on your floor plan, and dimensions/settings, I have gotten this result.

The roof settings, with the various pitches and types, and ceiling heights, are daunting.
After looking at the pics of the real house, I think that some of your settings are not accurate, and this can result in some crazy looking roof planes.

You did not post a pic of the real house on the north side, so I'm not sure what the roof eaves are supposed to look like on that north wall.



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Hi Jo_Ann: Here are the requested photos for the North side of the house. The neighbor is only 8' away so these are as good as it gets. I will be sure to come back here as soon as I can when your next message is received. Thank you.

North side looking west.jpg

North side looking east.jpg

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