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  1. Hi Jo_Ann: Here are the requested photos for the North side of the house. The neighbor is only 8' away so these are as good as it gets. I will be sure to come back here as soon as I can when your next message is received. Thank you.
  2. Jo_Ann: you did it! It's possible! Would you outline for me the settings you used to make it happen?
  3. Thank you Jo_Ann! Here's the info requested. I see in your guess you were able to get the Living room roof line to go back to the Dining room roof line - that's great to see! Also you were able to get the dining room looking as it should. I'm happy to see there's hope for me - Yay!
  4. I've just purchased Home Designer Architectural 2024 (for my 2021 MAC OS 13.5.1) and I can't get my roof to work. My half upper story 1906 house was slowly expanded. From front to back I have a hip roof over a front porch, a full gable roof on East and West sides over a knee wall bedroom, a full gable roof on North and South sides over the first floor dining room and office (with flooring on second floor under the roof), and a shed roof over the first floor kitchen. I can get all but the dining room and office roof to work; I expect because it's sandwiched between competing roof directives (hip & gable East side, hip and high shed West side). It also won't let me make a dormer for the bathroom above the dining room, I assume because the "base" roof isn't working. Is it possible to resolve this in the Architectual version of the software, without the $400 upgrade to Pro? How? (In photo: left is back/West, right is front/East.) Thank you for your help!