Room areas- too much of a good thing?


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Something odd just appeared on the plans I'm currently working on: 2 slightly different room areas are displayed beneath each room label in my plans.


Previously, I was very happy that only one area was calculated (I had presumed accurately), and automatically displayed under any given room label; now I am befuddled as to why each room label now has two slightly different numerical areas displayed under it.


I can't find any switch to turn off the unneeded one. Further, I'd have to figure out which of the two indicated areas is the one that I'd like to switch off, without having to do the arithmetic checking to be able to figure that out the hard way.


Anyone able to clear this up for me? I'm stumped.


-Larry Lam



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Hello lawrencelam2000,


If you’re still looking for information about the Rooms, Interior Area layer or Rooms, Standard Area, here is the information from the documentation in the section called Room Labels:


"Rooms, Standard Area is measured from the center of interior walls that define the room and from either the outside surface or the outside of the Main Layer of exterior walls, depending on the Living Area To setting in the General Plan Defaults dialog. It is rounded to the nearest square foot or mm and does not include the area within bay, box and bow windows.


Rooms, Interior Area is measured from the inner surfaces of all the room's walls."


Hopefully this helps!

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