HOw to IMPORT an Existing PLAN into another PLAN


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I have some small structures or what not (house, car garage, garage, pool house etc etc) each drawn in their own plan to keep things from getting messed up while working on one.


Now I want to combine them all so I can put them on the lot and have an overall drawing to show what it will look like.


I do not see a command in HD2023 IMPORT menu.

Import has every other file type on earth it seems but its own.

yeah I can see why it may be Pain due to default settings different etc.


but let me handle that just force what ever is imported as element that looks back on its own file.

So to make changes I change the original file and then update the big one.

OR not but I do not want to have to have 1 plan with 4 buildings on it as doing roofs and foundations can be dangerous as can mess up the other out buildings.


HELP or make add to next update please

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thanks, that helps


one more question.


how can I make my own Template file which has all my own defaults?


I have a few generic plans right now with nothing in it but everything pre-set how I like it.

Including preferences and Defaults.

So I open one and SAVE AS for new Plans.


Question 1: how can I add my own custom templates to the DASHBOARD start up menu and make them an option?

Question 2: Any way to bring in a new template into existing plan that will change everything to this new template?


There are so many options in the Defaults one can spend hours setting it up.

So show plan in 3d with one template.

Then click button or something and change the template and show again in 3D but will all new cabinet doors, hardware, colors etc. without having to do it individually or changing defaults.

Then you do that and you want to go back. ARGGGG


Work around now is a bunch of plans for same project but each has different colors, flooring etc.

I want this as it is easier to have 2-4 different generic starting plans for decision maker to look at for a starting point to where we can customize.





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Hello again,


The features you are describing are features found in the Chief Architect line of software. Specifically, templates, the ability to import/export default settings, and use style palettes. Here’s a couple resources about these features in Premier/Interiors:




Style Palettes:


The way you are currently doing templates is what is currently possible in the Home Designer products.

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