How to delete just one dimension in an auto-generated set?


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Here's an example of auto-generated external dimensions, from the Dimensions tutorial:



The "inner" dimension row at the bottom (4', 3', 3', 3', 2') is an example of dimensions I want to edit.

What I want to do: delete one of those dimensions without deleting the entire row.

Is that possible? I've not found this discussed anywhere.

(AFAIK a workaround, not necessarily simple, is to manually create all of the dimensions in that row that I do want.)



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There are dimension videos on the website showing how to modify dimension strings, and check your dimension defaults for what is located.


Make friends with the various handles when a dimension string is selected.

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Your answer suggests you don't know how to accomplish this either?


I do try to learn before asking. I already watched all of the dimension videos, and tried editing all of the dimension defaults. No joy.


Are there dimension string handles that control whether the string can be deleted? I've not seen info on that.

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1 hour ago, Rookie65 said:

Try clicking on the string and drag the dimension you don't want to the dimension on either side 

That's an interesting idea... Best version of that I find is this: I can drag the text anywhere on the plan (and thus can drag it to somewhere nobody will ever see ;) ).


NOTE: If I drag it on top of the one next door, that makes things quite confusing: the actual next-door dimension is lost, and this number replaces it! Such fun.

But I can't remove the dimension line that goes with the text. At least I've no found a way to do that.


If I could modify the color/visibility attributes for each individual dimension item, that would do it... but I've not found that feature yet.

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