Shows up in camera view, but not 1st floor plan...


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This is my first time to use forum so hopefully I've correctly attached the file which has the camera view with my issue.


In camera view I see a small section of framing which appears to be floating in air.  I'd like to delete it, but it doesn't show up in my floor plan and I can't select it in camera view.


Any advice will be appreciated.  Thank you.

Ali and Tad 031122 Revise Deck Outline.plan

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Eric, Thank you for your replies.


I have just started with version Suite.  I realize I will have some limitations but want to master as much as I can before spending more $.  So far, I'm really liking the software.


I have updated my signature to include my version.  Hopefully you can now see it.


Here's the camera view which has the floating beam I'd like to get rid of.




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