Compass Rose with stained concrete on patio?


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This one is proving to be quite a challenge. The attached image shows a compass rose pattern that I need to have in a patio. Ignore the red, green and blue parts as they're merely place holders for what will be some vertical elements.


I started out making the two outer rings as CAD circles then converting them to a Terrain Feature with two different color concrete materials selected. Unfortunately, trying to bring the smaller circle forward to display on "top" of the larger circle is just not working. I have no idea why. When I go to the camera view, all I see is the largest circle. I know the other circle is there since I tried deleting the large one and, sure enough, the smaller one was there.


I've pretty resolved myself to the fact that the only way (I see) to create this intricate pattern is by drawing everything using CAD lines, then create a polyline for each segment and then set its material type for the color. Labor intensive? Yes, but it should result in the pattern I need - so long as everything is sitting correctly in the stack, to display the entire pattern.


I also just had the crazy idea to change the smaller circle height to 1/8", since the larger circle height is 0". So much for that idea! It still didn't work!


Thanks for any and all help!!

Compass Rose & Monument.jpg

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Circle converted to a countertop. Add molding for the outer ring. Small countertops, but slabs would also work, for the inlay. Raised 1/16" so they show.


Place point in center of circle, draw one quadrant, Transform/Replicate about point to fill in the other 3.



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