Headers are not sizing as per default settings


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In three out of three home plans I'm currently working on, HDP 2021 is putting 2x6 headers over all openings, regardless of their lengths, and contrary to the header sizes specified in the defaults.  I've attached a test plan from which I generated the attached screenshots.Test.plan


While I could go in and change each header, it would save me much time if I could get the default header sizes to work properly.


Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!





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A couple of suggestions. Since you have Pro, searching ChiefTalk will often find a solution to problems like this, but please don't start asking questions there. I have a How To Search video on YouTube that works for both HomeTalk and ChiefTalk.


I would make this change to your template file. See my YouTube channel for a video.


And good job on describing the problem and providing a simple test plan.



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