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I need this plan to be allow for editing in Home Designer Suite it was created with Home Designer Pro.

Can you add a X setting to allow me to edit this plan under Home Designer Suite.


Thank You, 




If this particular plan was sent to you by a professional, and they want to allow you to edit this .plan file, then they must enable the checkbox titled "Allow Editing in Select Home Designer Products" within the Plan Defaults before sending the file.

Delia 1.plan

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I have the same kind of issue.

I have few plans that were made with HD Pro version 8 that I would like to modify with HD Suite 2019 I recently bought....

In HP Pro 8, the option to allow editing in select HD Products is not available...  So at the moment, I can only read the plans but can not edit them.

HD Support told me to try getting help on the forum....

Would someone help me by converting my HD Pro v8 plans  into HD Pro 2019/Chief Architect X10  plans (or earlier versions) where the box allowing the edition is enabled? 
Thanking you in advance.



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