Trying to clean up a roof Plan, Top Floor Square Foot not Calculating/Displaying (when clicking on masterbath and bonus they dont Highlight Grey)


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I am new to HD Pro.  Trying to clean up a hip roof on rear of the home and a hip roof on front porch.

Also, top floor masterbath, closet and office area do not highlight when clicking on them or calculate in SF.


Would like to change the column locations on the front and rear deck/porches. 


Roof errors will not allow framing to be completed as well. 


Powerful sofware.   



EC03 92 Davis Love.plan

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Good Morning

The reason the rooms do not locate is because several walls in your file were checked no locate and no room definition. I just unchecked them as you can see if you compare the two files

Roof could not auto build for two reasons. First, the entire wall along the right side does not align. I deleted the wall and redrew it so it planes the entire length. This added the new room/ section in line where your balcony is located. I then broke the wall at the balcony area and made the wall invisible in that location, Keep in mind that roofs build over rooms and your file has no room in that area.You will need to delete the base molding in that little invisible room or it shows in 3D.

Column size and spacing is set in the rail dbx so you need to do the math to set them in edit the dbx so no rails, balusters and newels are shown and then manually place the components


I did not evaluate the framing. Too many differences in how framers work from region to region and building codes be helpful.


Hope this helps





773138660_EC0392DavisLove ricatic edit.plan

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I cannot thank you enough.  Thanks for that.  


I only have two small issues then. 


1.  The hip roof was deleted at the front porch. 

2.  The roof over the stair tower was a hip so we can add brackets on each side. 

3.   See example of the RH side elevation of inspiration home.  - Do the plate heights on the top walls need to be taller then? Trying to figure out how to have the stair tower separate and not a gable on the side similar to how it was prior.



Cant thank you enough.


Thanks Rick 














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So the youtube video you put together was invaluable.  I was able to correct almost everything.    Couple of clean up items. 


The roof over the stairwell I am trying to make per the attached EC-03 Plan.  (Looks like the walls are taller and it is a hip).


The front porch hip is not aligning.  (I changed the pitch to a 5)


The porch/balcony columns I would like to modify locations inbetween windows/doors.  Also the the front porch/balcony support columns I would like to add manually. 


You have taught me well Obi Wan. 

EC_03_Study-Set.pdf EC03 92 Davis Love.plan

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