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I'm coming to the final stages of design before construction begins on my bath.  I want to narrow down the design to only show electrical.


However there are dozens of items checked on my display options and I'm afraid if I turn them all off that I'm not going to turn them back on correctly once I'm done printing out the electrical diagrams.


Is there a way to create sets?


There is a comment in the display options that says:   Properties for Working Layer Set.


I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2021



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I don't understand why not creating Display sets within the Layers panel is not an option. Should be a button for "Creating Display Set". One could then save different sets, increasing productivity and not having to learn workarounds.This would seem to be obvious to anyone who's worked in CAD professionally. Pretty strange that it's not an option. Sure would make things a lot easier when it comes to creating readable drawings for the different trades. The lack of this option, and poor Layout ability really is aggravating, especially since HDP does so many other things very well, Worked in Revit professionally and it could learn a thing or two from HDP, but HDP needs to go back and revisit some basic CAD functionally it's missing.


Betting it's an option in CA......

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