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  1. Oh! Ok that's a good idea. I didn't realize the settings were embedded in the file. I can work with that. Thanks.
  2. I'm coming to the final stages of design before construction begins on my bath. I want to narrow down the design to only show electrical. However there are dozens of items checked on my display options and I'm afraid if I turn them all off that I'm not going to turn them back on correctly once I'm done printing out the electrical diagrams. Is there a way to create sets? There is a comment in the display options that says: Properties for Working Layer Set. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2021
  3. I'm remodeling my bathroom and I have it all setup in Home Architect 2021. Yet I'm not finding a straightforward way to view my design on my very popular Oculus Quest 2. I would think that every designer would be chomping at the bit to show their clients their design in a virtual reality headset. I know I can make a panorama picture or upload it to the cloud. But I want to see it in immersive 3d. Searches in the forums weren't coming up with much. Am i missing something?
  4. This is probably really easy but I'm going on an hour researching so i need some help... I want to take a standard shower tile i found in the library and apply it in a staggered fashion. I've made a copy of it into my user folder and tried messing with the "Pattern Type" but it has no effect. I just want to use this to make it a 24x8 tile staggered. I would think that given how mature this line of products is that this would be a simple endeavor. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2021 I would appreciate any guidance. This is where I'm at. It's from the Black J506 tile of the DaTile manufacturer pack.
  5. Great!!! How did you do that? Do you need Chief Architect to select those old details? Thanks so much.
  6. Wow thank you! I zipped it. FL 1 in the back yard on the right. W 14TH 001 - Refresh Design to Current.zip
  7. I have a few items on the "DEFAULT CAD LAYER" that i cannot select. I want to delete them. All the other CAD items seem ok. I've circled in red the items. They are old landscaping wood I'm trying go get rid of. If I hide the cad layer it goes away but so does a lot of other stuff i need. If it matters, This plan was originally designed in chief architect XI a long time ago. I'm now using Home Designer Architectural 2021. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these CAD pieces?
  8. It's Home Designer Architectural 2021 and i updated my signature. Anyway to set the directories on that version?
  9. I'm looking to move my bonus content to a larger drive i have on my computer. When I show the Program Paths in the settings there is no option to edit them. Is there a configuration file or something that I can modify so that this points to a different place?